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Dedicated and full of beans, she aims to launch her own social media agency or run McDonalds’ social channels one day. Starting his career with an internship at a PR firm followed by an internship at a digital agency, his full-time career began working with clients from the financial industry. His portfolio then expanded to include shopping malls and mobile apps, after which he moved from Mumbai, India to Dubai to work with major healthcare, hospitality, and luxury brands. The hub of all things visual, Instagram made its mark on the market as a photo-sharing application, allowing aspiring creators, visual wizards and the average Joe to share memorable visual content. Now revamped to satisfy shopping needs, the platform has boomed with its new and exciting e-commerce features. Pair stunning images of your products with Instagram’s tip-top shopping interface, and you have yourself an online store your customers just can’t say no to.

Calling Dubai home for five years, she strutted her skills as an administrative assistant at a local bank and was the secretary of a municipal mayor prior to joining SOCIATE. Her career highlights include working with the Philippine Bank of Communications, Stowe Legal Services and Ontario Legal Translation. Prior to joining #teamSOCIATE, Rene diversified his skill set with jobs as a computer technician, production executive, and sales representative. Nurturing her childhood passion for storytelling into a career, Emjay is SOCIATE’s Social Media Executive and Shutterbug. Graduating with a BA in PR from the Lebanese International University, Malek’s passion for creating positive change extended well beyond the classroom. In his spare time, he would serve the Blue Mission Organization and has also had an eight-year run with the Lebanese Scout Association.

Malek’s persevering nature and dedication to targets see him working in various areas across SOCIATE’s PR and Marketing departments. He hopes to enrich the local communications landscape with his ever-expanding PR and social media knowledge. Having worked in San Francisco, Dallas, and now Dubai – her portfolio boasts notable brands.

Getting sufficient likes on each post on your Insta account is not an easy feat but you will ace it with our auto instagram likes. TikTok is not like any other platform; you don’t have to spend a lot of time on this app to gain more followers. The TikTok algorithm works accordingly to make your content get displayed to more people. Using the algorithm of TikTok, the video creators can know what kind of videos has to be prepared and shared for the viewers. So the algorithm is the key to the working nature of the users. The hashtags you use will also influence your videos’ visibility, where a perfect hashtag will give a promising result for sure.

With the long-term goal of evolving into a PR strategist, Sabahat hopes to sharpen her skillset and eventually direct PR campaigns. With an educational background in business administration and a specialisation in operations management, she has worked with leading international giants like Coca Cola, Mango, Aldo, Pepsi, and Splash. Hailing from Pakistan, SOCIATE is Sabahat’s foray into the UAE’s public relations and communications industry.

Read more about here. It is easier to put in many sign-up choices, e.g. email, social network, and contact number. Many pages on Instagram have chosen to buy igimpressions, and they have been very successful. Now since we have established that you need higher Instagram impressions to be successful on Instagram, let’s discuss how you can increase your impressions. The campaign drove a 75% uplift in brand recall, according to a brand study cited by TikTok.

A listing has been considered on the cards as it grew in popularity outside of China, and as a way for early investors to realise some of their investment in the company. The estimated value of TikTok’s global operations are wide-ranging – anywhere between $20 billion to $50 billion – and the US is thought to account for the bulk of that. A report from Reuters states investors are hoping TikTok can attain the top end of that valuation range.

Founder of WebQuest SEO, Mazen Aloul specializes in search engine optimization. With a Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Mazen also holds a Bachelor of Arts in computer science from Western Michigan University. Tracey is also the global ambassador for Affinage Salon, a hair brand manufacturer, where she is responsible for developing the brand’s seasonal photographic collections and trends forecasts.

Now press the round button to take a picture or keep it pressed for 10 seconds to record a video. You can also upload pictures or videos from your phone storage. So, instead of putting an effort to make the content good, people buy likes by fooling the YouTube and Google algorithms, but they will have to keep spending the money to get likes. This will not bear any fruit and will cost more than it returns. Recently, YouTube was bought by Google, and since that, upon searching on Google for something, it shows you different relevant videos in the search results. Google algorithms detect the likes obtained by a YouTube video, and they present the most liked video in search results.

145 minutes scrolling through their social media feed every day. It is understandable to be worried about buying Twitter comments for your posts. The last thing you want to do is put your account into the wrong hands.

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