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12 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Presence

Most homeowners don’t have access to these specialized tools. If you try using the wrong tool, you could damage your AC beyond repair, which means you’ll have to incur more costs to replace the unit. As we already discussed, many of the tools that an HVAC technician would use are not safe or easy to use by amateurs. For example, an HVAC technician might need to use a specialized clamp to close a leak in your AC line.

You need to cater to all of your new audiences from the refined paid strategy to retain them. Use audience layering to ensure that you are getting the most relevant audiences and diversifying your predominant audience interest. But, if your announcement will be important in the long run, you can also publish an in-feed version.

Your Instagram videos would then function as previews that encourage more people to view your YouTube videos. For instance, do you have social icons on your homepage or product pages that connect visitors to your social channels? If it’s not there already, an Instagram icon needs to be added as well. By showing people using, trying, and enjoying your product or service, your brand comes across as human and relatable. You can also use strategies like joining forces with other Instagram accounts and taking over their stories to reach a wider audience.

Everyone wants to see work that they really love on their feed. It’s very easy to sit on your little raft and row it all alone in the mighty ocean. And emoticons or anything less than 3 words is not considered comment in Instagram’s Database. So, comments play a very important role in boosting your post and making it look popular.

Look for opportunities to develop themes or regular installments that you can build into a series. “Content buckets,” as some people call them, allow you to check certain boxes without having to overthink creation. The more planning you do upfront, the better you’ll be able to produce regular content and respond to last-minute or unplanned events. Start by plotting out and researching important events. This may include periods such as holiday planning or Black History Month, back to school or tax season, or specific days like Giving Tuesday or International Hug Your Cat Day.

You can follow similar accounts by searching for hashtags to find likeminded friends. The key to having a clean Instagram page is to have all your images look similar, or branded. Brand image is how people perceive your brand and it sets you aside from others. It’s important so customers can identify themselves with your product based on an image they see. Take our Instagram page for example, all of our images have the same style so it’s easily recognizable that it’s a post from CoSchedule. Get even more Instagram marketing tips with this free download.

Instagram is becoming somewhat of a hidden gem for businesses. Super happy to count you as another follower – will stay closely in touch. Love your idea regarding stories, and yes, I started putting together some sketches or templates that allow me to draw a bit faster. Also, I started thinking about one panel ideas rather than 4 panel ones, just to be able to always be able to push things forward once a week. Your comic definitely inspired me to go towards that direction. Because I want you to understand that Facebook/Instagram is not stable.

Around 73% of adult people who use the Internet have a profile on the social media sites with Instagram being one of the two most often used of them all. You can also quickly select your target audience by either letting Instagram target people for you, or you can create your own using targeting options. This will give them more reason to follow and stay loyal to you, and even check out your bio and click on the link to your blog. Regardless of whether you’re sharing a powerful photo, or sharing a cool and funny video, or a story to inspire and motivate your followers. Whatever you do, just make sure you’re providing some form of “value”.

Read more about buy instagram followers cheap here. #Catsofinstagram will get you in front of a lot of people, but you probably don’t want to use it unless a friendly feline will be making an appearance. One major difference between Instagram and other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, is that it doesn’t allow links in comments or captions. As a result, the link in your bio is your only chance to get people to click through and visit your website. As mentioned above, in addition to uploading videos to your feed, Instagram gives the option of streaming live videos to your audience.

Keep your bio up-to-date to reference new projects, or to adapt the tone as you get a better sense of your brand identity and what your audience likes. This is the right place to link to your business page, your website, or anything else you want to showcase. (Only the links here, not in your posts, will be clickable.) Shorten the URL if it’s too long.

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