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14 Ways to Get Your Art Noticed on Instagram

Even subtle differences like a singular versus a plural form of a word can be the difference between thousands of followers seeing your post. Sharing the world’s most incredible post does no good if no one sees it. Use your Instagram Insights to schedule your posts for the best time.

It’s always good to have relationships with the bigger accounts within your niche. If you don’t have that, start interacting with them. When the accounts with a large number of followers engage with your content, then you get more chances to get to the top.

If all your posts have an appropriate filter which matches your focus and theme, it adds one more visual element for people to remember you by. You can create a checkerboard pattern or a row by row theme by planning multiple posts together. Even if your post quality is top notch and you’re content is focused, you can’t grow your page without a theme. Without one, you’re just another average guy or girl on Instagram with a couple hundred followers.

I’m excited to be on this journey and thankful that there are people like you who are willing to share your knowledge and experience as an artist. Start posting to your Instagram feed today with a free trial of Metigy’s social media scheduling calendar and management tool –click here to try it for free. Hopefully, our guide will help you get up and running quickly. Remember – the key to growing your Instagram channel is to consistently post well-crafted and authentic content. You need to be consistent and give time for your audience to develop a relationship with you and your brand.

In our first two weeks on Instagram, we went from zero followers to more than 10,000 by following a set of rules that we crafted. Read more about buy real instagram followers here. Digital services and products for organizations ranging from agencies, startups to large companies. His work is featured in the iOS App Store, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Business Insider, Forbes and Big Think.

That’s a huge opportunity for brands looking to grow their audience. You could also highlight some of your best Instagram posts on your other social channels. Consider boosting these posts with paid advertising so your other social followers can find and follow you on Instagram. Your Instagram profile should be easily discoverable.

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