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7 Tips to Increase Sales and Exposure with Instagram Stories

Years ago, Instagram began allowing its users to hashtag emojis. This means that you can now search for emoticons on the explore page and tap them in your photo captions. Once you’re familiar, here are 3 tips to extract maximum value from emojis and increase your free Instagram follower numbers.

Whilst Instagram offers you 30 hashtags per post, make sure that you use hashtags that are relevant. There are various types of contests or giveaways that you can use on Instagram. The most popular tend to involve followers having to like, follow or comment on one of your posts in order to be entered into the contest. This can be a particularly good strategy if you’re looking to increase your engagement or follower numbers. Another good strategy is to encourage followers to tag a friend.

They’ve been growing like a weed over the past decade or so. If you scroll through their Instagram feed, you’ll see lots more of the same. Instead, they continue their brand’s brash, snarky, whimsical tone through to each and every Instagram post. Do you seriously care about the latest updates from a dog food company? Especially if all they did was post dumb updates about themselves. But Facebook still uses algorithms to increasingly filter out the noisefor its users.

Some brands share a branded hashtag and ask their customers to use it when posting about their products. The company then follows that hashtag to discover new content and asks the person permission to share their image. Other brands run specific UGC campaigns and contests to gather a lot of UGC at once and “flood” follower timelines with brand-specific content. Instagram can also help you grow your brand awareness and introduce new products. Every month, 130 million Instagram users engage with shopping content.

Finally, you can always cross-promote across other social media channels. These audiences already know who you are and like you, and they’re likely on Instagram already anyway. The following sections are cross-promotion strategies that you can put into practice. With so many profiles vying for people’s attention, it can be difficult for users to find you and for you to make an impression. After all, 200 million users visit at least one Instagram business profile every single day. Following these steps for Instagram promotion will put you ahead of the curve in finding and attracting your ideal followers and customers.

In this sense, try to prepare an editorial calendar, defining, in advance, the themes of the posts that you will publish on your profile over the coming days and months. By doing this, you’ll save time and be able to better distribute posts. Think about the kind of reaction you want to elicit in users, or create posts with your brand’s colors. It’s a really good idea to have shared content with people that are already known, have lots of followers, and that you believe your audience will also like. And there’s also the option of creating ‘stories’, which are shorter posts that can be viewed for a period of 24 hours or highlighted on your profile. You can also go live and take advantage of IGTV, which we’ll discuss further below.

Whichever you choose, make sure your initial clip is attention-grabbing. You’ll need to catch the eyes of those who quickly swipe through stories. The easiest way to run ads is by promoting posts you’ve shared on Instagram. Just select the post you want to boost and hit the “promote” button. Once you’ve set up a business profile on Instagram, you can decide how much you want to spend, where you’d like your ads to be seen, and how long you want them to run.

Read more about buy real instagram followers here. This step will let you sell on Instagram more efficiently and let you grow your customer base. User-Generated-Content is the most extensive testimonial your brand can have on Instagram !. Additionally, you can come up with branded Instagram hashtags and use them to label your posts and encourage your audience to use them while making posts about your product.

You can identify shoppable posts on Instagram with the “Tap to View Products” text that pops up or the shopping bag icon. Another reason to use Instagram to increase eCommerce sales is that people are more inclined to purchase products when they see them on Instagram. This is because Instagram allows businesses to show off their products in a way that is visually appealing and easy to understand. When running a flash sale or limited-time offer, create eye-catching images and videos highlighting the discount. You should also include a clear CTA that tells people how to take advantage of the sale. User-generated content is another excellent way to increase conversions on Instagram.

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