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Anaji Brooks Who is Anaji Brooks 2020 ? (Darrell Brooks’ Right Now nephew pleaded for no-contact order after 2020 shooting)Wiki, Bio, Age,

Anaji Brooks

Anaji Brooks Wiki

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Who is Anaji Brooks?

A nephew of the suspect in the deadly Christmas parade in Wisconsin asked a judge to slam ex-con-con with an order without contact after he shot him in a fight over a cell phone in 2020, according to a report.

Anaji Brooks said in a statement about the victim that the incident involving Darrell Brooks in July of that year had affected him “more emotionally than physically”, the Daily Mail reported.

“It made me come to the conclusion that this man was not from my family or relative to me,” Anaji said in the handwritten note, which was submitted in September 2021, according to the news agency.


“The family should not harm the family as he did. He has made my trust in people very low than he already has,” added Anaji, who lived in the same house in the Arlington Heights area of ​​Milwaukee as his uncle, according to the report.

The nephew told the store he could not discuss the Brooks case.

Brooks has reportedly had an assault case ongoing since July 2020, where he was released in March when his $ 7,500 bail was reduced to just $ 500.


Anaji Brooks any charge of murder can lead to life imprisonment without parole. Wisconsin has no death penalty statute.

In addition to the deaths, authorities now say 62 people were injured during the attack, including children who are still in critical condition.


Meanwhile, a woman who met the suspect on the social networking site Mocospace told the Daily Mail that his mother and sister distrusted him.

“I used to blame my friend. But when my mother first met him, she said, ‘I do not like him,’ and my little sister said there was something about him that she did not like either,” Marsha Winters, 29, told the newspaper.

“But they never told me what they did not like,” she said, adding that she did not have a serious relationship with Brooks and that she did not even know his real name until after the Waukesha attack.

A woman who was at the parade shows her respect at a memorial in Veterans Park on November 23, 2021.

“I’ve always known him as Fly,”

he said, referring to the future rapper’s artist name, Mathboi Fly.

Winters told the store that Brooks called her in the summer from prison, where she was serving four months for non-payment of her child support, to ask if they could meet later.

“He came and we talked, but he did not stay here, my mother did not let him,” she said.

Brooks was arrested and charged

“He was always good, he used to tell me he needed to finish school and he always said he was proud of me,” the college student continued, adding that she will not visit him behind bars if he is judged in the parade. the deceased.

When asked if she thought Brooks was deliberately penetrating the crowd, she said, “You do not know what people are capable of until they do.”

Brooks is charged with five counts

Brooks is charged with five counts of aggravated manslaughter, but prosecutor Susan Opper said Tuesday that he will suffer a sixth case after the death of 8-year-old Jackson Sparks, who was in critical condition after the attack.

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Quick Facts

  • Darrell Brooks shot his nephew Anaji Brooks in a fight over an old cell phone in July 2020, can reveal 
  • Anaji made a plea to a judge for a no contact order, seen in a heartfelt handwritten note obtained by
  • Anaji said the incident had affected him ‘more so emotionally than physically’ 
  • ‘It made me come to the conclusion that this man wasn’t family or kin to me,’ Anaji added. ‘Family shouldn’t hurt family the way he did’ 
  • Brooks’ grandmother Dawn Woods also took out a similar order against him
  • Anaji told he could not discuss his uncle’s case 
  • Darrell Brooks, 39, is charged with five murders after he allegedly plowed his red Ford SUV into the annual Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin 
  • has learned that he has a history of using his car as a weapon and  he tried to run the mother of one of his children down in Milwaukee


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