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Angel Lynn : Angel picked the wrong boy – like so many girls do – and paid for it’: Family of woman, 19, Wiki, Facebook, Twitter

Angel Lynn

Angel Lynn Wiki

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Who is Angel Lynn ?

The family of a young woman who suffered catastrophic brain injuries in falling from a moving truck after being kidnapped by her boyfriend said she “is alive but will never live a life”, adding that she “picked the wrong guy, like so many others”. . girls do it,  and they paid for it.

Angel Lynn, 19, is unlikely to make a full recovery after being put into the van by her then-lover Chay Bowskill, 20, before falling from the vehicle while traveling at 60mph along the A6 near from Loughborough on September 17 , 2020.

Miss Lynn was originally driving the van, but she parked and drove away following a line between her and Bowskill. He was seen on CCTV chasing after her, then grabbing her and carrying her into the vehicle.

Miss Lynn is still unable to communicate and requires 24-hour care after suffering a skull fracture, Leicester Crown Court heard. Her family described her current state as ‘catatonic’.

It comes after her best friend told the jury at trial that Bowskill was “controlling” Angel and that she became a “different person” after beginning her year-long relationship with him. him.

“She was the most beautiful girl and now she is completely disabled,” Angel’s aunt, Jackie Chamberlain, told Leicestershire Live, “she will never get better.”

Ms Chamberlain said she was “disappointed” at the sentences meted out to Bowskill and his friend Rocco Sansome, 20, who was driving the van, after they received prison terms of seven-and-a-half years and 21 months respectively. on Wednesday.

The couple had been convicted of kidnapping following a trial at Leicester Crown Court, an offense that carries a potential maximum sentence of life in prison, according to lawyers JD Spicer Zeb. Bowskill was also convicted of coercive and controlling behavior.

Mrs Chamberlain said: ‘We have been given a life sentence because Angel’s injuries are so horrific.

‘They will leave after they have finished half their sentences and go on with their lives.

‘She is never going to get married, have children and have a normal life.

She “she’s in the hospital and she won’t be able to come home without a lot of changes being made to the family home. ”

She added: ‘Angel picked the wrong guy, like a lot of girls do, and he paid for it. She will never be the same again.

Ms Chamberlain revealed that Angel had her last rites read to her three times and that she almost died in hospital after contracting covid.

She added that the teenager’s two younger sisters were traumatized by the ordeal.

She said: ‘Our family has had to become doctors and nurses.

‘Her 10-year-old sister sits in a panic, watching her oxygen levels go up and down when she should be enjoying her childhood. Her mother, Nikki, is the strongest person I know.

Angel’s other aunt, Julie Hutchinson, said the fact that she is still alive is a ‘technicality’.

She said: ‘She is alive, but she will never live a life and she will be in constant pain.’

She ‘she was a very charming and very kind person. When she entered a room, one would think that she had entered the sunlight. I feel like the fact that she’s alive is a technicality.

It comes after her grief-stricken father, Paddy Lynn, said in a statement yesterday that her family’s life had been “changed beyond recognition forever”.

Quick Facts :

  • Angel Lynn, 19, suffered life-changing injuries after falling from a van at 60mph
  • She had been forced into the van by her boyfriend at the time Chay Bowskill, 20
  • Angel was found injured on the A6 near Loughborough on September 19, 2020
  • Her aunt Jackie Chamberlain blasted Bowskill’s seven-and-a-half year sentence
  • ‘We have been given a life sentence as Angel’s injuries are so horrific,’ she said 
  • She said Angel will not recover and that her two young sisters are traumatised
  • The family have had to ‘become doctors and nurses’ overnight to care for Angel
  • Her aunt said the teen’s mother Nikki is the ‘strongest person she knows’  @

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