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Angela Glover : Family of British charity worker missing in Tongan tsunami say her body has been found 50 Angela Glover was swept from the beach along with her four dogs while her husband survived by clinging to a tree, Wiki, Bio, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bing

Angela Glover

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Who is Angela Glover ?

The body of a missing British woman has been found on the island of Tonga after it was hit by a devastating tsunami, making her the first person known to have died in the disaster triggered by an underwater volcanic eruption.

Angela Glover, 50, a Brighton advertising worker who met tattoo artist James in London before they were married and moved to Tonga in 2015 at her urging, had been missing since the island was hit by a devastating tsunami on Saturday. the night when the nearby Hunga- Tonga Volcano explosion.

James last saw her on a beach on Tongatapu Island when the tsunami washed ashore. He survived by clinging to a tree, but Angela broke free and was dragged away. Brother Nick Eleini later announced the tragic discovery of her body on Monday, saying she was found by a search party organized by James.

Nick, who lives in Australia but has flown to the UK since the disaster to be with his mother, told Sky News that Angela, who ran a dog shelter, is believed to have been caught in the wave while trying to save her pets. . Four of her five dogs were swept away in the tsunami, and only one has since been found alive .

A statement released by the family said: ‘Angela and James loved their life in Tonga and adored the Tongan people. In particular, they loved the Tongan love for the Tongan family and culture.

‘Since she was a little girl, Angela’s dream was always to swim with whales and it was Tonga that gave her the opportunity to fulfill these dreams. As you can imagine, her family is devastated and we respectfully request that we be given privacy to grieve.”

Just hours before the tragedy occurred, Angela had uploaded a disturbing image to Instagram along with a message that read: “We have been under tsunami warnings today, all is well.” Some waves, some eerie silences, a wind or two, then silence, sudden stillness, thunderstorms…

The post was uploaded on Friday, after an initial eruption hit the Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai volcano on Thursday night and hours before the devastating second explosion on Saturday night that triggered the tsunami.

Meanwhile, new satellite images revealed the extent of the damage to the Hunga-Tonga volcano and surrounding islands, including Tonga itself, where Angela was at the time she hit the time she wave. at the time she hit the wave.


Quick Facts

  • Angela Glover, 50, has been found dead after being swept away in the tsunami that hit Tonga on Saturday 
  • Briton, originally from Brighton, last seen by husband James as the pair walked on a beach with their dogs 
  • James survived by clinging to a tree, but Angela lost her grip and was swept away. Brother Nick has since revealed that she was trying to save her dogs when she was caught by the wave 
  • Four of the couple’s five dogs were also caught in the tsunami, with only one of the animals found so far 


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