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Who is Anthony Adekola ?(22 ) Three gang members who stabbed innocent Marks and Spencer shop assistant to death in random attack Wiki,Bio,Age,Family,Attack,Murder

Anthony Adekola

Anthony Adekola Wiki

                                 Anthony Adekola Biography

Who is Anthony Adekola ?

Three gang members who ‘senselessly’ murdered an innocent Marks and Spencer store clerk in a mini taxi ‘on horseback’ because he was from another area have been jailed today for a total of 57 years.

Anthony Adekola, 22, nicknamed Lizzy, was stabbed to death while walking home from work at the Colindale store in north-west London on the night of September 5 last year.

The attackers, dressed in black masks and scarves, jumped out of two taxis and chased Mr. Adekola. He tried to run away but tripped over a bollard, allowing his assailants to gain ground.

The M&S store clerk was stabbed at least nine times in the head, neck, back and chest and was dead when paramedics arrived, the Old Bailey heard. Jurors were told the murder was related to a gang zip code dispute in which the victim was not involved.


Ta-Jaun Subaran, 20, and two 17-year-old boys, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, were part of the gang of eight that stabbed Mr. Adekola to death.

Following a trial, Subaran and the two teenagers were found guilty of his murder. Judge Simon Mayo QC imprisoned Subaran for life with a minimum sentence of 22 years. His co-defendants have also been detained for at least 18 years and 17 years and six months.

The judge called the murder “as brutal and callous as it was random and senseless.” He previously praised Mr. Adekola’s family for “the quiet dignity” with which they sat in court during the course of the trial.

“ I recognize that hearing how Anthony met death must have been deeply disturbing and I imagine that he must have opened those wounds, ” he said.



In a statement read to the court, the victim’s mother, Foluke Adekola, recounted how the “senseless” murder over a “zip code that belongs to no one” had broken her heart.

She highlighted the ‘utter futility’ of this, saying there was no place in society for such ‘cold-blooded’ violence.

Her son was an ‘honest and hardworking boy’ whose chance to become a man was taken from him.

She added: ‘The Anthony we knew was not involved in any problems, so why did problems arise for him?’

In sentencing, the judge told the defendants: “ On the night of September 5, 2020, they departed with five other people from the Hendon area of ​​North London in two mini-taxis.

“His purpose in leaving that night was to carry out a murder that was as brutal and callous as it was random and futile.”


The goal of “scoring a point against a rival gang” was “wicked and abhorrent,” the judge said. When Adekola encountered the accused armed with knives, she paused before fleeing.

Judge Mayo said: ‘You chased him. It was a totally cowardly act on your part. It is clear that he caught up with Mr. Adekola and attacked him with knives. In the course of that attack he was stabbed at least nine times: in the head, in the face, in the neck, chest, back, and upper and lower extremities. ”

The fatal stab wound to the neck severed the carotid artery and jugular vein. The attackers then returned to the waiting taxis and drove off.

Later, police found exercise letters on an electronic device seized

Later, police found exercise letters on an electronic device seized after arresting one of the youths who referred to “9,” jurors heard.

Accuser Bill Emlyn Jones said the 9 may refer to NW9, the zip code Adekola lived in.

“Such lyrics often contain boasting or boastful claims, which may or may not reflect what the person writing or submitting those lyrics has actually done,” he told the OId Bailey.

But you may still feel able to accept that the lyrics reveal the true feelings, hostilities, ambitions, or achievements of the writer.

‘He had written,’ I want to go to 9 and set it up / Catch me and put some fucking shit on me / Dey took my brother so I’m going to get him back. ‘

That letter expresses the evident feeling that he wants to go to ‘9’, to catch a rival because they have done something to one of his own team and he wants revenge.

“You can probably figure out what ‘kweff’ means: attack, assault or stab.”


Adekola was found seriously injured and bleeding by his brother and concerned friends of his who retraced his route.

The police arrived at 11:15 p.m. and found him surrounded by people applying pressure to his neck wound.

Doctors carried out emergency surgery at the scene, but despite his best efforts, he was pronounced dead at 11:45 p.m.

The judge said Adekola was a “very good man” in the prime of his life and that his untimely death had a profound impact on his family and friends.

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Anthony Adekola Quick and Facts

  • Three gang members who murdered M&S shop assistant are jailed for 57 years
  • Anthony Adekola, 22, was knifed to death in Colindale in September last year
  • He was stabbed at least nine times to his head, neck, back and chest
  • Killing was ‘linked to gang postcode feud in which victim played no part’
  • Ta-Jaun Subaran, 20, and two 17-year-old boys, were convicted of murder
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