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Anthony Broadwater Wiki: EXCLUSIVE: Innocent black man, 61, who spent 16 years in prison for raping author Alice Sebold after she wrongly identified him in court had no idea she made millions off the story while he lived ‘in squalor’

Anthony Broadwater

Anthony Broadwater Wiki

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Who is Anthony Broadwater?

The innocent black man wrongly convicted of raping The Lovely Bones author Alice Sebold in 1981 had no idea that she used the story to further his literary career and has been living in ‘squalor’ since he left prison while she has made millions in books. sales, has learned exclusively.

Anthony Broadwater, 61, was convicted of raping Sebold in 1982. He spent 16 years in prison and was released in 1998. Since then, he has lived quietly with his wife in Syracuse, New York, in an abandoned apartment. .

Alice Sebold in New York City’s Central Park in 2002.

On Monday, his conviction was overturned after a producer working on a film adaptation of Lucky, Sebold’s Memoirs of Rape, hired a private investigator and attorneys to work on an appeal.

When his private investigator found Broadwater earlier this year, living in an abandoned apartment in Syracuse, the city where the rape occurred, he was shocked to learn that Sebold had sold more than 1 million copies of Lucky and made millions more to via The Lovely. Bones.

Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick

Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick told State Supreme Court Judge Gordon Cuffy at the court hearing that the Broadwater prosecution was an injustice .

“I’m not going to tarnish this procedure by saying, ‘I’m sorry.’ That’s not enough,” Fitzpatrick said. “This should never have happened.”

Sebold, 58, wrote in Lucky that she was raped when she was a freshman at Syracuse in May 1981 and then she saw a black man on the street months after she was sure he was the attacker. her.

She recognized me

“She was smiling as she approached. She recognized me. For him it was a walk in the park; he had met an acquaintance on the street, ”wrote Sebold, who is white. “ Hey girl, ” she said. “Don’t I know you from somewhere ?”

She said she did not respond: “I looked directly at him. I knew his face had been the face above me in the tunnel.”

Anthony Broadwater is pictured on the steps of his home this week, holding a newspaper about his exoneration, with producer Timothy Mucciante, who hired the lawyers who represented him in court after becoming suspicious of the case. Alice Sebold, right, identified him as her rapist in court in 1982, despite having picked another man in a police lineup. She has not commented yet on his exoneration


Alice Sebold, author of Lovely Bones, on the left in 2018 and on the right in 2002, after the publication of The Lovely Bones. She has yet to comment on the exoneration.

‘It’s just wrong. I didn’t know this when I started it, but now it makes me mad. She wouldn’t be who she is without Lucky.

Broadwater recounted earlier this week that she was an ‘outcast’ who would not be allowed into her homes. He and his wife wanted children, but chose not to, because he did not want the ‘stigma’ of his father’s rape conviction to ruin his lives as he did his.

He was quite surprised …

just not okay. Alice Sebold lives in a very, very nice house based on Lucky. She lives a very miserable existence
“Sometimes we had a big discussion about children, and I told her that I would never allow children to come into this world with a stigma on my back,” she said.

“In my two hands, I can count the people who allowed me to decorate their homes and dinners, and I’m no older than 10. That’s very traumatic for me.”

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Quick Facts

  • Anthony Broadwater was convicted of raping author Alice Sebold in Syracuse, NY, in 1981 
  • He spent 16 years in prison, always maintaining his innocence, and was released in 1998
  • The violent rape was the underpinning of Sebold’s 1999 memoir, Lucky, which sold over 1million copies 
  • She went on to have wild commercial success with The Lovely Bones which was turned into a movie
  • Now, she lives in a $6million property in San Francisco and she was working on a film adaptation of Lucky
  • On Monday, Broadwater’s conviction was thrown out after a team of lawyers revived the case and his appeal 
  • Sebold had picked a different man in a police lineup and flimsy DNA evidence used to convict was thrown out
  • Broadwater had no idea that she was a famous author or that his crime was used to inspire her memoir 
  • Now 61, has been living in a derelict apartment in Syracuse, New York, with his wife 
  • The pair never had kids because he didn’t want them to carry the stigma of his rape conviction 
  • Broadwater is now working with attorneys to prepare lawsuits against her and her publisher, Scribner 
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