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Arsenio Gonzalez : Five Texas children, aged 7 to 16, are found home alone on Christmas morning after their father beats their mother to death before turning the gun Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Facebook, Investigation, Death, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Arsenio Gonzalez

Arsenio Gonzalez Wiki

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Who is Arsenio Gonzalez ?

A Texas father of five killed the mother of his children and then shot himself in an apparent murder-suicide after the family returned from a Christmas party on Christmas Eve.

Arsenio Gonzalez, 45, and his wife Maria de el, 42, were found dead in the family’s front yard outside their Houston motorhome around 1 a.m. Christmas morning, authorities said.

Her five children, ages seven to 16, were found inside the motorhome in the 5600 block of Daun Street.wikipedia

Police discovered his mother with a major head injury and Arsenio with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. A weapon was recovered at the scene.


‘This couple, a man and a wife, were at a family function before. They came home and then this incident happened, so the investigation is ongoing, ” Sgt. Greg Pinkins of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

“None of the children were injured, nor did they witness anything at that time.”


Authorities are still investigating what led to the father’s horrific act.

They are currently interviewing relatives of the family who were at the Christmas Eve function to try to find out the motive or anything that caused the incident.

The county has called Child Protective Services to help the children and place them with family members.

‘At this time, we are in contact with CPS and will let them determine who they will be released to, probably family members. We will continue to do our research here and speak with family members who were probably at the party to see if we can get some background, ” Pinkins said.

Arsenio Gonzalez Quick and Facts

  • Arsenio Gonzalez, 45, and wife Maria, 42, were found dead on the family’s front lawn outside their trailer home in Houston at around 1 a.m. Christmas morning 
  • Their five children, ages ranging from seven to 16 years old, were found inside the trailer home 
  • Police discovered Maria with significant head trauma and husband Arsenio with a self-inflicted gunshot wound 
  • The Gonzalez family had gotten back from a function on Christmas Eve when the apparent murder-suicide happened 
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