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Britons 7 : Are taught to hide their money’: Multimillionaire socialite Caroline Stanbury praises expat life in Dubai for allowing her to flaunt her wealth while UK billionaires ‘dress in M&S’, Wiki, Bio, Facebook, Twitter, Entertainment


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Billionaire socialite Caroline Stanbury praised life in Dubai for allowing her to flaunt her extreme wealth without shame, stating that in Britain “billionaires wear Marks & Spencer.”

The 45-year-old lives in the United Arab Emirates with her husband, 27-year-old former Real Madrid player Sergio Carrallo, where influencers can earn up to £ 5,000 per sponsored social media post.

The former reality star, who appeared on Ladies of London, appeared on the BBC2 documentary series Inside Dubai, which aired last night, where she shared her joy at finding a place where she can shamelessly display her wealth.

She said that while in Britain rich people are taught not to flaunt their money, in Dubai rich people can shamelessly ‘put on all their jewelry at once’ and dress their children in Dolce & Gabbana.

In Britain they teach us that if you have money you shouldn’t show it, ”he said. ‘You’re supposed to turn off the lights at 7pm. m. and share a bathroom with your family. Here you turn on all your lights and wear all you jewelry at the same time.

Any British billionaire wears Marks & Spencer, that’s what we do. Dolce & Gabbana and their children dress here too.

They are doing something right that the rest of the world has not realized.

Described as ‘one of the most successful influencers in Dubai’, the socialite can earn thousands by posting photos on Instagram promoting posh hotels, according to the BBC series.

Caroline, who grew up in Dorset, is the daughter of venture capitalist Anthony Stanbury and fashion designer Elizabeth Stanbury, part of the wealthy Vestey family.

She worked as a top-notch personal stylist before going public with a brief appearance on the reality show Ladies of London, which ran in the UK from 2014 to 2017.

Before marrying, she was linked to a wide range of men, from Prince Andrew to Hugh Grant, although she has denied romances with both.

Caroline shares Aaron, Zac and Yasmine with her first husband, Turkish financier Cem Habib, with whom she moved to Dubai in 2016.

After 17 years of marriage, Caroline announced that the couple were divorcing in an Instagram statement, posted the day after Christmas in December 2019, which included a photo of her and Cem from happier times.

The legend insisted that the decision to end their marriage was mutual and that they will continue their relationship as “good friends and parents” rather than husband and wife.

Caroline and Sergio’s romance began in 2020, and the 45-year-old made his relationship official on Instagram in July of that year.

By January 2021, Stanbury announced that they had gotten engaged during a winter trip to the Himalayas. She shared a sweet clip and several snapshots of the moment Sergio got down on his knees.

Sergio also shared the news with their respective Instagram followers, calling the relationship milestone a “new journey” that is “just beginning.”

Quick Facts

  • Caroline Stanbury, 45, is British socialite-turned successful Instagram influencer
  • Ladies of London star lives with footballer husband Sergio Carrallo, 27, in Dubai
  • Appeared on BBC2 documentary series Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich 
  • Series claimed the influencer can earn as much as £5,000 per promotional post
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