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Cephas Williams Photographer 200 exhibits at shopping centre where he was falsely accused

Cephas Williams

Cephas Williams Wiki

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Who is Cephas Williams?

A photographer has installed more than 200 portraits of black Britons at the Bluewater shopping center in Kent, four months after he was falsely accused of robbing there.

This summer, Cephas Williams posted a video showing security personnel grabbing and questioning him.

He returned on Monday to present his Portrait of Black Britain exhibition.

The photos are designed to show “humanity in the dark” and that “we too are human beings,” Williams said.

The crowd that gathered for the exhibition launch was in stark contrast to what happened when the original incident occurred, he said.

“When I was going through what was going on in Bluewater, I was very lonely,” he told BBC News. “There were a lot of people looking out of the balcony watching.

“Today I have a similar effect, where people are looking at me. But they are looking at me not to scrutinize, not to stereotype, not to walk away with a skewed narrative of blacks. They are looking to be with me.

No one apologized that day either.

“I think it sends such a powerful message in the same space where no one helped. No one apologized that day either.

“So being here with people who support what I’m doing, I feel extremely safe, I feel extremely calm.”

‘A drop in the ocean’
After being confronted by security guards outside the House of Fraser in June, Williams asked to meet with the CEO of Bluewater owners, Landsec, Mark Allan.

“Mark and I sat for a long time and discussed a lot of things and Mark really came to listen,” Williams said.

Portrait of Black Britain

“Portrait of Black Britain is a drop in the bucket for what we have to do. Portrait of Black Britain is not the problem solved. It is a door that opens to a much broader conversation than Mark and I also had.”

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