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Who was Coronji Calhoun Sr ?(Monster’s Ball actor Coronji Calhoun Sr dies aged 30 )Wiki,Bio,Family,Death,Quick and Facts

Coronji Calhoun Sr

Coronji Calhoun Sr Wiki

                       Coronji Calhoun Sr Biography

Who was Coronji Calhoun Sr ?

Coronji Calhoun Sr, who played Halle Berry’s son Tyrell in the 2001 Oscar-winning film Monster’s Ball, has died at the age of 30.

The actor’s death, from congestive heart failure, was confirmed by his mother through a GoFundMe page that was created to pay for his funeral.

Berry and Monster’s Ball producer Lee Daniels each donated $ 3,394 (£ 2,535).

Calhoun’s mother

Calhoun’s mother, Theresa C Bailey, said the family had been “blown away” by the love and support they had received.

“While the financial burden has been removed, we still mourn the loss of my son,” she wrote.

“As we close this chapter, we ask that in your memory of him, remember to love your neighbor as yourself, because that is what Coronji did for his entire community.”


In an update posted on Wednesday (November 10), Bailey wrote: “On behalf of the Calhoun and Bailey family, I would like to thank each and every person who found in their hearts the much-needed financial support for Coronji laity. Mr . rest.

“We are impressed by the outpouring of love that the Coronji community and adoptive family have shown during our grieving process. While the financial burden has been removed, we still mourn the loss of my son.

Hollywood landmark

Calhoun was only 10 years old when he appeared in Monster’s Ball, but he had no other acting credits.

The film provided a historic cinematic moment when Berry became the first black woman to win the Oscar for best actress.

The film focuses on the relationship between Leticia Musgrove (Berry) and Hank Grotowski (Billy Bob Thornton), who begin a relationship without knowing that she is the widow of a man (Sean Combs) whom she helped execute.

Calhoun played her artistically talented son, whom she abuses physically and emotionally because of his obesity.

“That scene was actually more difficult for me [than the movie’s famous love scene] because he’s a real boy with a real weight problem and he has real problems himself,” Berry said in an interview in 2001.

And he was not an actor. [Director Marc Forster] just pulled him out of the darkness in Louisiana, so he didn’t really understand the process, or so I thought.

“I talked a lot with him and his mother and I explained and explained to him, so before each take I would hug and kiss him, and after each take I would hug and kiss him.”

She added that she “really set out to stay in touch with him and stay in his life, and I hope we continue like this.”


His death was confirmed by his mother Theresa Bailey via a GoFundMe page, who said her son died on October 13. She is raising money to help pay for her funeral.

As confirmed by WWL-TV (via People), Calhoun died of congestive heart failure and lung problems.

Berry and Monster’s Ball producer Lee Daniels apparently contributed to the GoFundMe page, donating £ 3,394 each.

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