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Dale Egan: How a drug-addicted criminal turned his life around after a stint in jail for a violent home invasion – and is now earning almost $1million a year thanks to a VERY unique career change

Dale Egan

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Who is Dale Egan ?

A troubled man who spent more than four years behind bars now earns five figures a month after quitting drugs and starting a lucrative career at OnlyFans.

Dale Egan, 31, has become one of Australia’s biggest adult film stars after leaving a life of temptation and crime.

He is now among the top 0.2 percent of influencers on the platform in Australia and earns tens of thousands of dollars a month, a stark contrast to his life even 12 months ago, where he had to borrow money just to put fuel on. in your car. .

“He was in a deep, dark black hole and suffered wounds in my life. Every time I was in emotional pain I was misbehaving, ” he told Daily Mail Australia.

“I had depression, and that, combined with the drug use, was destroying my brain.”

Gold Coast criminal Dale Egan becomes OnlyFans star earning tens of  thousands of dollars

He said he struggled to find meaning after getting out of jail and spent four months broke, having to borrow money to eat and pay rent.

‘I was making some mistakes when I first came out. Last Christmas I was broke for four months, borrowing money to pay the rent and put fuel in the car, ” Dale said.

‘I thought what the heck am I going to do, my love life hasn’t been that good anyway, I’m going to try OnlyFans.’

He started out following nothing on social media, slowly building a base by following similar accounts abroad.

After a couple of months, Dale started to gain ground and received a lot of help from girls he knew who were already using the platform.

The 31-year-old says joining TikTok really helped his career skyrocket, posting the opening scenes of his role-playing videos to boost subscriptions on OnlyFans.

Dale said his family and friends have been very supportive of his new career and “as long as he’s not involved in crime, they are happy with him.”

‘We have full control over the content. It’s so much fun, the women I work with are great, ” he said.

“Most of us have consent forms and we get tested regularly, it’s very safe.”

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Quick Facts

  • Ex-prisoner has become one of Australia’s biggest adult film and OnlyFans stars 
  • Dale Egan, 31, was jailed for four-and-a-half years for a home invasion 
  • He left jail ‘dead broke’ and had to borrow money to eat and put petrol in his car 
  • Dale decided to join OnlyFans and slowly built a following using social media
  • He now earns five-figures per month and is in the top 0.2 per cent of influencers
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