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Daniel Igbinedion 26 : Evil rugby player Daniel Igbinedion made girlfriend’s life a ‘living nightmare’ in years of abuse Wiki, Bio

Daniel Igbinedion

Daniel Igbinedion Wiki

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Who is Daniel Igbinedion ?

A ‘jealous’ professional rugby player who strangled his girlfriend and stabbed her during an abusive relationship has been jailed for three years.

Daniel Igbinedion, 26, dragged insurance broker Katy Lyles, 35, out of a club and ripped off her smartwatch so she couldn’t dial 999 before threatening her with a sword.

The 6-foot-2-inch, 16-stone forward, who was on the books at Oldham Roughyeds, Dewsbury Rams and Featherstone Rovers, met the woman when she started as a personal trainer at Nuffield Gym in Shipley, West Yorkshire, which was across from her venue. of work. .

But the rugby league ace was “possessive and jealous” from the early stages of the two-year relationship, Bradford Crown Court heard.

After a night in Leeds, the jealous Igbinedion attacked Ms Lyles at her home in Bingley, where he ‘held her prisoner’ and strangled her with both hands around her neck, leaving her unable to breathe and fearful for her life. , the court was told.

Daniel Igbinedion

“He made threats that scared me of what he would do to me and my family. He kept me prisoner and followed me everywhere.

“She proposed to me and even promised that she would never hurt me again, if I accepted a promise ring from hers. I rejected her proposal and then months later she tried to kill me.”

Igbinedion, who had previously been in the Castleford Tigers, Dewsbury Rams and Featherstone Rovers books, was found guilty by a jury in October of controlling and coercive behavior.

He was also convicted of three separate counts of battery, which he had committed against Katy between May 2018 and March 2020.

Judge Andrew Hatton said Igbinedion had accused Katy of being disrespectful to him and it was clear that he felt, as a professional or semi-professional athlete, something different from everyone else.

In a statement on the effects of the victim, he described how he now suffered from flashbacks, anxiety and sleepless nights.

The insurance broker

Ms. Lyles, previously told the court: “He tried to kill me. She tried to strangle me. Daniel pointed a knife at me. ”

The court heard that Igbinedion suffered from mental health problems and was analyzed at one point.

But in a letter to Judge Hatton, he said that he has now taken an anger management course while he was in custody.

In her letter, Igbinedion said that she was truly sorry and his attorney, Chloe Birch, said that she was now near the end of her professional sports career.

Ms. Birch said: “It will be a significant punishment for someone with the talent and potential of Mr. Igbinedion.”

Three years and three months in prison Judge Hatton said: “I have to deal with you with this prolonged conduct, including serious violent crimes in a context of control and coercive behavior.

“The entire crime was so serious that only a prison sentence can be justified.”

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