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Debi Mazar : calls Julia Fox ‘gorgeous’ and ‘very talented’ as rumors swirl that Kanye West’s 1 muse will play her in best friend Madonna’s ‘epic’ biopic: ‘I’d obviously be flattered, Wiki, Bio, Facebook, Twitter

Debi Mazar

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Who is Debi Mazar ?

Debi Mazar took to Instagram on Wednesday to react to rumors that Kanye West’s muse, Julia Fox, is in talks to play her in the upcoming Madonna biopic. .

I interviewed her once. I think she is beautiful, smart and a very talented actress,” said the 57-year-old actress, who included several flashbacks of her younger self.

Mazar continued: “Interestingly, she reminds me more of Madonna when we were young [than] myself! Obviously I would be flattered.

She went on to “wish all the girls who audition well” to play her and even encouraged hopefuls to “give me a ring” if they need “dance moves or accent training.”

Debi, who is a longtime friend of hers and a confidant of the 63-year-old Material Girl singer, began her Instagram post by explaining that she has been bombarded with messages about possibly playing Julia.

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“My phone literally blew up last week after it was announced that @juliafox was reunited with @madonna for her movie,” she wrote.

It was Entertainment Weekly that originally reported that Julia could be considered for the role.

Mazar continued: “The press asks me to verify the rumors, and the paparazzi literally send me a private message asking for a photograph so they can send comparisons of Julia and me.”

Although she finds Julia ‘beautiful’, Debi emphasized that her real-life doppelganger is actually her daughter Evelina, whom she shares with her husband Gabriele Corcos.

“The one who looks exactly like me is my daughter Evelina, 19, but she’s not an accomplished actress… YET…” she joked.

‘I find it all quite amusing, but what I find most interesting is that someone will be playing ME! It’s surreal!  @

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