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Dolores Catania

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Who is Dolores Catania ?

Nothing in this life can shake Dolores Catania, not even her separation from the now former Dr. David Principle.

In an exclusive interview with Page Six, the 51-year-old “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star reveals that she “felt alone” in her relationship with the maternal-fetal medicine specialist when season 12 began streaming. filming last summer.

“Once I moved into my row house, we parted ways,” recalls Bravolebrity, who rented her own place while her ex-husband and contractor Frank Catania finished renovations on her North Haledon home.

“David and I didn’t spend a lot of time together to begin with,” explains Dolores. “I just felt like it was time to wrap things up. ”

As “RHONJ” viewers know, Dolores frequently expressed hope that Principe, 57, would have more time to see her during their courtship, but her shifts at the hospital made planning date nights almost impossible.

“As you know, David was married to his work,” he acknowledges. “But he needed more, I knew he deserved more and finally I had to make a change,”

Although the couple had built a house together, Dolores never officially moved in. Without a Principe engagement ring, let alone quality time, the Garden State native wasn’t comfortable getting engaged.

“I always asked him to do things that he didn’t want to, so I got used to doing things by myself. I liked having that independence, but that’s not a relationship. A relationship is between two people,” she says.

“If he was going to be alone and do things alone, then he could be alone. I felt alone. ”

As she considered her future with Principe, Dolores says she often leaned on the wisdom gained in the early years during her divorce from Frank, with whom she shares children Gabrielle, 26, and Frankie Jr., 23.

“When I was going through my divorce, I loved ‘Ally McBeal.’ That was my entertainment and it really got me through a tough time,” she says of Calista Flockhart’s Fox drama.

“Ally was like, ‘The loneliest I’ve ever been is when I was with someone. I really connected with that.

It wasn’t easy to break up after four years, but Dolores notes that she and Principe did it amicably.

“David and I never yelled at each other. It was a peaceful relationship,” she says. “If we saw each other, we did. If we didn’t, we didn’t and that was fine. There was, and still is, animosity.”

Though fans will finally see the mother of two come to terms with her power as a single woman in the latest installment of “New Jersey,” she has since found love with someone new.

Dolores’s friend, interior designer Vanessa DeLeon, introduced her to Eco Electrical Services CEO Paul Connell this fall after the cameras failed. It’s not long before she falls in love with the portly New York City businessman, whom she tells us is “very different” from Principe.

“I’m very happy. I can’t say much about him because he’s new and everything. But he’s really amazing: he likes to do things, he’s very funny, he’s very generous, he’s very handsome. And he’s so much fun! she gushes.

Dolores, who rarely drinks on camera, adds: “I even drink Gentleman Jack now! You guys have never seen me drink on the show. I can loosen up with him and that feels so good. ”

The TV personality, who enjoyed a Caribbean getaway with her man over the holidays, says she “hasn’t even thought” of becoming Mrs. Connell one day. However, she teases that another marriage is not off the table.

“I would just like to find a really good companion who wants the same things as I do. I want to share my life with somebody and I want somebody to share their life with me. I have it all to give now,” she says, noting that her veterinarian daughter and real estate pro son approve of her beau.

“They’re happy for me. They just want to see their mom happy,” she elaborates. “And they’re good. Everything I put into them, I can now put into a relationship.”

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” Season 12 premieres Tuesday at 8 pm. ET on Bravo.  @

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