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Frank Lampard

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Who is Frank Lampard ?

England legend Frank Lampard was caught on video driving his £250,000 Mercedes G wagon with a coffee in one hand and a mobile phone in the other, but escaped prosecution because the CPS says there is  “insufficient evidence”.

The former Chelsea star, 43, was charged with “using a mobile phone/handheld device while driving a motor vehicle on a road” and was due to appear in court today.

She had been caught on camera by vigilante cyclist Mike van Erp, 49, who captured the footage in South Kensington last year.

Lampard, who is married to Christine Bleakley, had denied wrongdoing and hired Nick Freeman, a lawyer known as ‘Mr. Loophole’, to defend him in court.

And on Friday, the Crown Prosecution Service abruptly stopped prosecuting him, even though video clearly showed him holding both items in his car.

Prosecutors believed the video footage did not prove whether or not the phone was on.

The case was deemed to fail because he could not prove that he was using the mobile phone for interactive communications.

The footage, taken with a GoPro mounted on Mr. van Erp’s head, shows the valuable Mercedes stationary in traffic.

Lampard has a cup of coffee in his right hand and holds a phone in his left, with a black and white dog in the passenger seat.

He looks surprised before Mr. van Erp claims, “He’s on his phone, clearly holding and talking on his phone at the same time. ” And holding a coffee too.

Freeman told MailOnline that Lampard had been found not guilty as the case was dropped.

He said: ‘The Crown Prosecution Service has now concluded three days before the case was due in court, there was insufficient evidence.

‘It came about after we delivered a statement from the passenger in the car.

They would have had to show that he was driving, that he was using his mobile phone, that he was using it for an interactive purpose.

‘All of that would have had to have been beyond reasonable doubt.

“He pleaded not guilty and they dropped the case, so he was found not guilty.”

The Met Police previously said Lampard admitted to being behind the wheel of the Mercedes and was offered a fixed fine earlier this year but did not pay it.

A spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service said the case had been shelved for lack of evidence.

They said: ‘After examining a file of evidence produced by the Metropolitan Police Service, we concluded, on the basis of our legal evidence, that there was insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction.”

Van Erp had sent the footage to police and said he was “quite upset” with what he had seen.

The Lyrca-clad cyclist has previously used his helmet-mounted GoPro to arrest motorists he accuses of violating traffic laws.

His most high-profile drawback was Guy Ritchie, who was banned from driving for six months last summer after he was confronted on camera.

Throughout his career as a vigilante, van Erp claims to have stopped more than 350 drivers who broke the law last year alone, and says he was responsible for 574 points and £35,400 doled out in fines.

Freeman earned the nickname ‘Mr. Loophole’ after making a lucrative career finding technical flaws in driving charges for high-profile clients.

In 2018, he got David Beckham out of a speeding ticket after pointing out that legal documents had been served too late.

And in 2006, he fought for Jeremy Clarkson and saw his speeding case dismissed after revealing there was no evidence the former Top Gear presenter drove a borrowed Alfa Romeo that broke down at 82 mph in an area 50mph.

Last summer, West Londoner van Erp filmed Hollywood director Ritchie texting behind the wheel while standing still in Hyde Park and posts videos of all his triumphs on his YouTube channel ‘CyclingMikey’ with names like ‘Give me the finger, get a Fixed Penalty Notice’, ‘A total scoffer’ and ‘A pretty satisfying piece of justice.’

The vigilante caught Guy Ritchie in Hyde Park when the 53-year-old director of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels was typing on his phone while he was standing.

He videotaped Ritchie, who used to be married to Madonna, before alerting the police.

Van Erp, a full-time roller skating instructor and caretaker, has 64,700 subscribers and has described the ease with which he can get drivers who break the law with a ticket and possible disqualification.

Explaining his motivation behind his passion for fighting crime, he told MailOnline: ‘I definitely think what I’m doing is keeping the roads safe is keeping the roads safe.

‘The points system is designed to make people drive better.

“I have received quite a few anonymous death threats through what I do.

‘My father was killed by a drunk driver when I was 19, I still remember it, so I feel very sorry for road safety.

‘I first got my helmet camera in 2006 and realized the potential of it.’

Mr van Erp’s other high-profile scalps include retired boxer Chris Eubank, who was claimed to be a police officer when challenged for using his mobile phone behind the wheel of his £370,000 Rolls Royce, before leaving quickly and running a red light.

Mr. van Erp challenged Eubank for having his phone in his hands, but did not recognize the famous fighter and asked during the confrontation, “Are you famous? ”

Eubank was awarded three penalty points and ordered to pay £280 in costs at Bromley Magistrates Court after admitting that he failed to comply with a traffic signal.

The law states that he can only use a handheld device behind the wheel if the car is safely parked.

Crucially, this does not include whether he is waiting at traffic lights or in a queue.

The only exception is emergency calls when it is not safe to stop.

Quick Facts

  • Footage showed former England star Lampard, 43, holding a phone in one hand and a coffee in the other
  • He was captured on film by cycling vigilante Mike van Erp, 49, who believed he was talking on the mobile
  • But Lampard denied charge of  using a handheld mobile phone/device while driving a motor vehicle on a road’
  • And after hiring ‘Mr Loophole’ lawyer Nick Freeman case was suddenly dropped late last week before court 
  • Prospect of conviction was too low due to inability to prove he was on phone for  interactive communications




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