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Gerald Corrigan

Gerald Corrigan Wiki

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Who was Gerald Corrigan?

A retiree who was fatally shot with a crossbow was scammed out of more than £ 200,000 in the years leading up to his death, a court has heard.

Gerald Corrigan, 74, and his partner Marie Bailey, 67, became friends with Richard Wyn Lewis in 2015 and over the next four years they paid thousands of pounds that they believed were for real estate developments, land sales and horses, they he told mold Crown Court on Monday.

Prosecutor Peter Rouch QC said the reasons for Corrigan’s murder outside his home in Anglesey, North Wales, in 2019 had nothing to do with the trial, but that the alleged fraud crimes came to light when police interviewed to Miss Bailey after her death.

He said: ‘Wyn Lewis is a scammer, he’s a scammer, and during the period that this indictment covers, he scammed a number of different people out of large amounts of money, sometimes hundreds of pounds and sometimes thousands, many thousands.

Ether Rouch QC, the prosecutor, said Whall’s association with Lewis “may be important,” but David Elias QC, who defends Whall, said there was no evidence linking the two before the shooting.

Martial arts experts Whall, a twice-married East London tai chi instructor, denied ever knowing Corrigan, who died in hospital on May 11.

But the court heard that he hid outside the remote home of the father-of-two and waited for him to leave after Sky’s signal was interfered with.

The crossbow’s arrow pierced the retiree’s body, causing severe internal injuries and bruising to the heart before breaking a bone in his arm as it exited the body.

Whall’s movements on the night of the shooting were revealed by the GPS system in his state-of-the-art car, which was found burned in a disused quarry on June 3.

Lewis suggested to Mr. Corrigan that he could make money selling his house, Gof Du, for development and put him in touch with a potential buyer, John Halsall, and a man known as David, who said he used to work in the department of planning. the court listened.

Corrigan spoke to the men by phone, but police later discovered that the numbers he used for them were registered to Lewis.

He gave Lewis cash for planning requests, buying nearby land and opening a bank account abroad, the court was told.

Quick Facts

  • Gerald Corrigan, 74, befriended Richard Wyn Lewis in 2015, court hearing
  • He and his partner paid thousands over the next four years, the jury heard.
  • Lewis denies 11 counts of fraud and one of attempting to pervert the course of Justice.

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