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Hand Davonne Bethel : Royal Navy instructor, 35, is jailed after licking a male trainee sailor’s nipple in a ‘weird’ s*xual assault and sending naked pictures , Age, Family, Wiki, Bio Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Hand Davonne Bethel

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Who is Hand Davonne Bethel ?

A Royal Navy instructor has been jailed for 12 months following a sexual assault after he licked the nipple of one sailor-in-training and sent nude photos on Grindr to another.

Leading hand Davonne Bethel, 35, licked the trainee’s nipple during a “strange” drunken incident at a party where she passed out, listened to a court-martial and imitated oral sex with the trainee as he returned from the celebrations. .

That same day, LH Bethel also kissed a 17-year-old recruit and then bragged about “jerking off with one guy on the bus” and “jerking off with another” to a third trainee.

LH Bethel’s behavior made him feel

One of the affected recruits said LH Bethel’s behavior made him feel “like an easy target.”

Originally from the Bahamas, the instructor could now face deportation as his UK immigration status is “up in the air” as a result of his convictions, for which he received 12 months detention at the Military Corrective Training Center in Colchester. . ,Essex. .

Bulford Military Court in Wiltshire heard that LH Bethel was an instructor at HMS Raleigh, a military training base in Cornwall, when the crimes took place.

Over two months, the instructor sent multiple messages to a recruit on Grindr, including a nude photo of himself from the waist up and a message requesting a “photo swap,” and continued to seek contact after being asked to stop. . .

The Grindr posts were “personal in nature” and also included one from the instructor saying that he had a cabin on HMS Raleigh and they should hang out.

LH Bethel was convicted of sexual assault at trial
For this, he was found guilty of ‘conduct prejudicial to the good order and discipline of the service’ in a trial in January this year.

The court also heard that the recruit was “uncomfortable, upset and disappointed” by the messages, particularly as he continued to receive them after telling LH Bethel to stop.

LH Bethel was convicted of sexual assault at trial, for an incident in which he lifted up a trainee’s blouse and licked her nipple at a dinner party after the end of phase one recruit training.

During the meal, the court heard that LH Bethel violated standing orders by drinking alcohol. The victim described the incident as “strange.”

The court also heard that LH Bethel pleaded guilty to “conduct detrimental to the good order and discipline of the service” after he was seen “mimicking oral sex” with the very recruit whose nipple he licked.

Graham Coombes, the accuser, said he “bent over his lap, put a coat over his head and mimicked oral s*x.”

Also on the bus ride back to base, the instructor violated standing orders when he kissed a 17-year-old recruit. He was convicted of this at trial.

David Richards, defending, said there was “a shouting challenge from the back of the bus” and the recruit complied, but once LH Bethel learned of his age, he “apologized profusely.”

LH Bethel pleaded guilty to another count of conduct prejudicial to good order and service discipline in connection with messages he sent to a fourth recruit the day after dinner.

The messages read “I fucked a guy on the bus” and “She was fucking another guy.”

Coombes said this recruit felt “nervous” around the instructor during his training, “didn’t find him approachable in any way” and made him feel like he was an “easy target.”

The prosecutor added that these incidents were a “breach of trust between the instructor and the recruit.”

Mr. Richards said

The court heard that LH Bethel left the Royal Navy in June 2021 after a 12-year career and had since been living in London with his partner while studying.

Mr Richards said: “Despite the quirks of his approach to his work, he was someone the recruits felt they could trust.”

“He shouldn’t have behaved the way he did… he was completely inappropriate, he put the recruits under pressure, but it’s not as bad an abuse of position as you can find in training establishments.”

The court heard that LH Bethel was born in the Bahamas but was adopted by a Canadian family as an orphan before joining the British Army.

Richards added: “The conviction will have a profound effect on the Home Office’s willingness to allow him to remain in the UK.

“This is all his fault… but he now faces a very real prospect as a result of this conviction of being sent back to a country that he now has no ties to.”

Defending Judge Jane England sentenced LH Bethel to 12 months in prison for sexual assault, three counts of conduct prejudicial to good order

Quick and Facts

  • Leading Hand Davonne Bethel, 35, is jailed at a corrective training centre Essex
  • The Royal Navy Instructor was handed a 12-month sentence after s*xual assault 
  • He had licked a male trainee’s nipple and sent naked pictures to another recruit  @

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