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Hannah Sindrey 24 : Woman convicted of the murder of her boyfriend Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Hannah Sindrey

 Hannah Sindrey Wiki

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Who is Hannah Sindrey?

A mother has been found guilty of stabbing her boyfriend to death during a drug-fueled mobile phone dispute at a New Year’s Eve party.

Hannah Sindrey, 24, was convicted of the murder of Paul Fletcher, 31, at her apartment in Rayleigh, Essex, following a trial at Basildon Crown Court.

As she was being escorted from the pier, the 24-year-old yelled, ‘F*** him. That is what I think

She will be sentenced tomorrow in the same court.

During the trial, prosecutor Christine Agnew QC told the jury that Mr. Fletcher took Sindrey’s phone and another phone from her friend Kelly Blackwell after she took cocaine and became paranoid because Sindrey wanted to fit him.

Police say Mr Fletcher, known as Dod, was stabbed in the chest during the fight that broke out in the early hours of the new year 2021.

When the first officers on the scene asked what had happened, Ms. Blackwell told them, “Hannah [Sindrey] stabbed him. She is his girlfriend

A witness also said that Sindrey, a mother of two, was seen holding a kitchen knife and waving it aggressively at Mr. Fletcher. Moments later she fell to the ground, the witness told police.

When questioned, the two women blamed each other for Mr. Fletcher’s death.

Sindrey’s children and Miss Blackwell’s four children, aged 26, all under the age of five, were at home at the time.

Ms Agnew previously claimed that Sindrey met with Mr Fletcher while she was in a prison release program and was released in October 2020.

She said: “The relationship was clearly rocky. They quarreled regularly and sometimes it turned violent on both sides.

She said that Mr. Fletcher “was worried that you [Sindrey] would betray him.”

A neighbor said that earlier in the evening, as fireworks exploded outside, Fletcher and Sindrey “appeared to be in love, kissing and hugging each other.”

A neighbor called the police at 12:58 a.m. on New Year’s Eve and Mr. Fletcher was pronounced dead at 1:48 a.m.

Officers said Blackwell and Sindrey were “hysterical” when Sindrey “kicked.”

She recovered a blood-stained knife from the apartment’s kitchen sink drain area, Agnew said.

The force said Miss Blackwell, from Southend, Essex, was involved in the controversy.

She was acquitted of the murder and she will be released immediately, police said.

In a statement released by police, Fletcher’s family said they were “heartbroken” by his death.

“The fateful night that he ended his life destroyed many other lives as well,” they said.

“Dod was an important part of everyone’s life. He was very loved by our family. He was son, brother and father.

“His death of him broke us”

Head of Investigation Julie Gowen, from the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Unit, added: “It was a difficult and intense investigation as my team tirelessly pieced together the hours and minutes leading up to Mr Fletcher’s death in the first hours of the day. New Year’s Day.

“Sindrey’s actions have not only destroyed the lives of Paul’s family and friends, but also his own family.

“Today’s outcome may never bring Paul back, but I hope he can bring justice to his family and give them some peace to move on with his lives.”  @

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