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Aloukik Rathore is a Delhi-based entrepreneur, Blogger, digital marketer, and Co-founder of Cannibals Media, a modern-day digital marketing company. He started blogging at the tender age of 16 and has been in the digital marketing industry ever since. He specializes in content marketing strategies, link building, and off-page SEO. Monthly visit of more than 700 million users on Instagram is a very powerful weapon which can be used to earn money if well harnessed.

In 2020, 69% of companies said they planned to spend the biggest portion of their budget on Instagram influencer marketing. When setting up an Instagram account for your business, it’s ideal that you go with a business account. Engagement is a crucial component for creating and establishing a community around your brand. People admire when they get a reply or are mentioned in a particular post by a brand. That would encourage your users to interact more frequently with your brand and would be a great source of word-of-mouth marketing between other users.

One simple yet proven way to do this is to run an Instagram contest or giveaway. While there is a definite learning curve when it comes to running a successful Instagram contest, it’s not rocket science. When done right, you can benefit from them in more than one way. You can not only increase your followers but also give your product or brand the exposure it needs. The good thing about Instagram is that it doesn’t have any limitations when it comes to running such promotions.

But it would be self-centered of me to assume that the model’s personal appeal didn’t have a great deal to do with the engagement. This was long before I realistically thought that I could make a real career as a photographer. So, while Flickr did lead to me getting my first big jobs, the main rush I got from the service was seeing my like counts explode when I posted something that people really connected with. Also, because the platform was largely driven by photographers, there was a great chance to see other photographers’ work and use it as a yardstick for my own development.

Instead, its capability to generate leads with the highest engagement rates on posted content makes it worth the shot. Union Metrics has a “social intelligence” feature that helps you track the meaning of each comment to understand what your most engaged followers like or dislike about your content. Influencer is the leading Instagram marketing tactic, and for good reason.

One phenomenon that is commonly studied with social media is the issue of social comparison. People compare their own lives to the lives of their friends through their friends’ posts. However, users may feel pressure to gain their peers’ acceptance of their self-presentation. These authors also discovered that teenage girls compare themselves to their peers on social media and present themselves in certain ways in an effort to earn regard and acceptance. However, when users do not feel like they reached this regard and acceptance, this can actually lead to problems with self-confidence and self-satisfaction.

Start by choosing a theme and color scheme that fits your company and products. For example, if your company sells clean, modern jewelry, you should probably avoid design options that are overly busy. Similarly, if your boxes and logos feature a lot of blue and white, it might be worth choosing a color scheme with similar shades. The goal is to create a cohesive brand image that is consistent across your website and other social profiles. An Instagram shout-out involves a user mentioning your account in one of their posts either through a caption or on an image. Read more about buy real instagram followers here. Instagram shout-outs are one of the quickest and most efficient ways to grow your following.

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