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Ismail Abedi 28 : Manchester Arena investigation: Bomber’s brother to be arrested upon return Wiki, Bio, Terrorist

Ismail Abedi

Ismail Abedi Wiki

Ismail Abedi Biography

Who is Ismail Abedi?

Ismail Abedi was interviewed by police using counter-terrorism powers and missed his planned flight from Manchester on August 28, but the 28-year-old successfully boarded a plane at the same airport the next day, according to the investigation.

Ismail Abedi was ordered to attend the Manchester Arena investigation in October but flew out of the UK beforehand.

The families of those killed said the 28-year-old was a “coward” for fleeing.

At the Manchester Civil Justice Center, the chairman of the investigation, Sir John Saunders, was given permission to issue an arrest warrant for Abedi.

An arrest warrant is issued by a judge ordering a person to be detained when he has violated the rules of the court.

In his statement, the grieving families said they were “shocked” that Mr. Abedi was allowed to leave one day after police detained and questioned him.

At the courthouse, investigating attorney Paul Greaney QC argued that Abedi had “important” evidence to provide about terrorist Salman Abedi’s path to extremism.

Al-Qaeda terrorist organization

He said the investigation had heard this week that his father, Ramadan Abedi, was associated with the Libyan Islamic Struggle Group, a militia that had ties to the al-Qaeda terrorist organization.

With a cigarette hanging from his mouth, this is Manchester Arena mass murderer Salman Abedi posing with a ’50 caliber machine gun’ in Libya, one of a series of disturbing photographs of the Abedi brothers and their father posing with military grade weapons shown in the public inquiry into the atrocity.

Ismail Abedi

The photo, believed to have been taken in 2011 or 2012, was one of those that police downloaded from an electronic device seized from Ismail Abedi, Salman and Hashem Abedi’s older brother , after he was ‘detained at the port’ at Heathrow airport upon return. from Indonesia in 2015, the investigation was heard.

Hashem Abedi

Hashem Abedi, now serving a minimum of 55 years behind bars, was shown posing with a ‘surface-to-air missile system to shoot down planes’.

Ismail Abedi was called upon to give “very important” evidence in the public inquiry into the atrocity of how his brothers had become radicalized.


In July he received a summons to appear in court on October 21 and was informed that any objection had to be received before mid-August.

When he received no response, the lawyer for the inquiry sent an email to the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and asked to be notified as soon as possible if they received any information “suggesting that Ismail Abedi may not comply with the notice; for For example, by leaving this jurisdiction. ” .

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