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James Lipscomb : Bengals fan James Lipscomb is headed to Super Bowl 1 after tearful video, Wiki, Bio, Facebook, Twitter

James Lipscomb

James Lipscomb Wiki

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Who is James Lipscomb ?


He has a date with destiny.

An 86-year-old Bengals fan who hasn’t missed a game since the team’s inception is headed to the Super Bowl next week, thanks to a viral video of him crying as his team won the AFC championship game last Sunday.

James Lipscomb wept tears of joy as he sat in his Fairfield, OH living room, watching his team’s stunning 27-24 overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on television.

Lipscomb’s daughter, Linda Eschenbrenner, recorded the touching moment when her father thrashed in her recliner and hid her face in a blanket.

“This is so amazing. How happy are you dad? Linda asked.

“Oh God, I can’t take it!” she said through tears in a video that garnered 5.5 million page views.

Her granddaughter Elizabeth Eschenbrenner then launched a wildly successful GoFundMe campaign, “Take Grandpa to the Super Bowl,” to send her dad to Southern California for the big game against the Los Angeles Rams on February 13.

“All costs would go towards him and a caretaker to get to the game! I know it’s a big question, but he is the biggest Bengals fan at the ripe old age of 86! her granddaughter posted.

By Tuesday, donations had ballooned to $42,000, so the family stopped fundraising.

“Every super fan, dad and grandpa should watch their team play AND have a good time! Blessings to him, his family, his friends and collaborators! ”. posted by Jeri McGinnis, who chipped in $50.

Lipscomb has certainly earned his stripes from the Bengals.

He was among the 21,682 who attended Cincinnati’s first game at Nippert Stadium on August 3, 1968, his birthday.

Lipscomb, a season ticket holder for decades, hasn’t missed a game since.

For better or worse, mostly for worse, he has seen the Bengals’ 381 regular season and playoff wins, 473 losses and all five ties.

He attended Super Bowl XVI in Pontiac, Michigan in 1982 only to watch the San Francisco 49ers beat the Bengals 26-21. He endured a heartbreaking 20-16 rematch loss to the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIII in Miami in 1989.

Lipscomb was so obsessed that in the past he even wrote unsolicited scouting reports on players and sent them to the team, his family said.

He fifty-four years, and many tears later, he will be at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles to discover if the third time is the charm.

People of the world, I bless you”, he said in a video to social networks to thank everyone for their generosity that earned him the golden ticket. “You’ve done something that a lot of people wouldn’t think of doing. They have been such a wonderful group of people who have taken me under their wing. I appreciate. Love you. Health.  @

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