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Jodia Ann Irving : My mouldy mice-infested council house has left me suicidal 1 I’ve been forced to throw my son’s clothes and toys away ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Jodia Ann Irving

Jodia Ann Irving Wiki

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Who is Jodia Ann Irving ?

Jodia-Ann Irving, 32, was forced to throw out her nine-year-old son’s clothes and toys after extreme humidity left them riddled with mold at her home in Newham, east London. .

Her mother, who suffers from depression and suicidal thoughts, says her mental health is “back to square one” because of the problem, and she is desperate for Newham City Council to relocate her.

She says that the house is infested with mice and that she is constantly picking droppings off the floor.

Jodia-Ann told the Sun Online: “The mold is in my nine-year-old son’s wardrobe. It’s on his clothes. It’s growing up the walls. I have developed eczema on my arms because of that.”

“I have to remove her stuff from the walls because mold is growing and I have to check the furniture for black mold.

“The only place it’s not is in my bedroom – my son sleeps there with me.

“I had to throw away his shoes, jackets, boxers, vests. I literally had to throw all the toys out of him. I’m constantly cleaning up mouse poop.”

“He is giving me suicidal thoughts. It was getting better, they were gone

“I want to move to another place. It is not appropriate to live here with my mental health conditions.”

Jodia-Ann said that she was in therapy and feeling better, but she added: “Now I’m back where I started. I have depression and suicidal thoughts. Everything is connected”.

“It’s giving me suicidal thoughts. It was getting better, they were gone. But now they are back. I’ve never lived in a place where I have to clean up this kind of mess.”

The city council intervened to clean the mold from the walls, but after two weeks it appeared again.

It is understood that the City Council has tried to enter the property to solve the problems, but they have not been able to access.

Cllr David Harvey, Cabinet Member for Housing Services at Westminster City Council, said: “We have been in close contact with Ms Irving and the property management company regarding any issues raised.

“The contractors visited the property this week and found it to be in reasonable condition.

“Unfortunately, condensation and mold are very common in all properties and can cause problems inside the house during this time of year.

“To help prevent condensation buildup, a new fan was installed in the bathroom earlier in the month.

“In addition, all of the mousetraps were filled and no further pest control issues have been reported since a visit in December.

“Demand for housing in Westminster, as seen throughout London, far outstrips supply.

“Although we do our best to accommodate people in the city, we have to locate homes in other boroughs, again like most central London boroughs. We work closely with our providers to ensure the quality of accommodation is of a high standard.” .

“We will continue to be in contact with Ms. Irving and will do everything we can to support her.”  @

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