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Jonathan Goodwin stunt goes wrong and rushed to hospital

Jonathan Goodwin

Jonathan Goodwin Wiki

                       Jonathan Goodwin Biography

Who is Jonathan Goodwin and How old?

Jonathan Goodwin is born on 20 February 1980 and a Welsh escapologist and daredevil. He first appeared n the Channel 4 television show dirty Tricks and subsequently appeared on the television specials The Seven Stupidest Things to Escape From and Deathwish Live, as well as on Discovery Channel’s One Way Out and How Not to Become Shark Bait on those who allowed themselves to be attacked by a Caribbean reef shark. Goodwin returned to the Discovery Channel in 2009 for a ten-part series of One Way Out, which also starred engineer Terry Stroud. He also appeared on an episode of Channel 4’s Balls of Steel with his father helping him with a stunt.

Family Spouse: Katy Goodwin Married in 2011

Incident Details:

Shocking footage has emerged of the moment a stuntman appearing on America’s Got Talent was seriously injured after being struck between two exploding cars after miscalculating his leap into the air.

Jonathan Goodwin’s stunt went wrong during rehearsal for a new show, AGT: Extreme.The clip, shot at Atlanta Motor Speedway, opens with a pro stuntman dangling in midair as two halves of a car are seen joining together.The stunt was supposed to see the 41-year-old Welsh escapologist break free and fall under vehicles before they collided.

Goodwin then fell to the ground and hit his head. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Goodwin was airlifted to the hospital where he underwent surgery. The US Sun on Friday published a recording of a frenzied 911 in which a woman said: ‘We are at Atlanta Motor Speedway on the filming location of America’s Got Talent. We had a man suspended from a cable with cars that were supposed to crash into each other, and he didn’t go down in time and they crashed into him.

‘He is a 40-year-old white man. He fell about 40 feet. He missed the airbag and landed head first.

‘He was responsive and was immediately taken to the hospital where he is continuing to receive medical care. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family as we await further updates on his condition.’

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Quick Facts

  • Jonathan Goodwin was performing a stunt on America’s Got Talent: Extreme
  • He was being suspended between two elevated cars between which he was supposed to fall when they crashed together with him caught in the middle  
  • Crew members on set reportedly thought Goodwin had been killed as a result of the fiery mishap, though he was responsive when rushed to the hospital  
  • The stuntman competed on season 15 of America’s Got Talent last year 
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