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José Rosado : Wealthy Florida Man Murdered During Luxury Hotel Orgy Wiki, Bio, Age, Murder, Family, Facebook, Investigation, Suspect, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

José Rosado

José Rosado Wiki

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Who was José Rosado ?

José Rosado in Madrid in connection with the fatal poisoning of a 42-year-old American tycoon and former CEO of a Spanish shipyard, whose lifeless body was found at the luxurious Westin Palace hotel in central Madrid in October.


The victim, identified as José Rosado, born in New Jersey, had returned to his hotel room with “two or three” men on the night of October 29, according to surveillance footage from the hotel.

When his partner in Miami lost contact with him, workers at the hotel in the old palace, which was built by Spanish King Alfonso XIII in 1912, opened his door and found him dead.


Police did not immediately suspect a dirty act, as there were no apparent signs of violence or suffocation. They told local media that Rosado had died of natural causes.

Even after the discovery of fatal doses of psychotropic substances and alcohol in his body, poisoning was not suspected until it became clear that Rosado had also been robbed.


An investigation by the Scientific Police determined that some of his belongings were missing, after his partner in Miami was able to corroborate what he packed for the trip.

On Monday, after a lengthy investigation during which it became clear that he was probably killed in an attempt at “chemical subjugation.” Police detained a 39-year-old Romanian with nine previous arrests and a 29-year-old Moroccan with 17 arrests for what police described as “similar events.”

The two are believed to have gone shopping with the deceased American’s credit card after he was allegedly killed.

Rosado had become CEO of the largest private shipbuilding company in Spain, Hijos de J. Barreras, which was established in 1892, in 2020. He left the company, which manufactures yachts for the Ritz-Carlton company, in 2021 .

Madrid’s homicide squad now says the victim met his alleged killers at a party on October 29 and invited them to come back to his room for s*x.

Arrested and Charged

Police say the men likely lured the unsuspecting American for the purpose of drugging him and then robbing him. Police were able to trace the suspects using DNA left at the scene. When they were arrested, they were found with a total of € 2,500 in cash, new mobile phones and other computer equipment, jewelry and documents that did not belong to them and that may have been used for fraudulent activities.

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