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Karl Marler : CCTV captured the moment man armed with a meat cleaver and boy, 17, chased father-to-be, 25, and stabbed him to death with a kitchen knife Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Karl Marler

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Who is Karl Marler?

Karl Marler, 17, chased after Charlie Elms, 25, armed with a kitchen knife after his family’s property in Oldham, Greater Manchester was attacked during a minor dispute.

Oldham: CCTV footage shows the last moments of Charlie Elms' life before  he's stabbed by Karl Marler

Manchester Crown Court heard that the two rival factions had fallen out after a drunken brawl that led to Elms and a group of gun-wielding friends vandalizing the home owned by the Marler family.

After throwing an electric scooter through the window and damaging the front door and a vehicle parked nearby, Elms and a friend attempted to flee on foot while being pursued by the group of teenagers.

During the short chase, Elms slipped and fell, but when he stood up, Marler drove the 15-inch blade into his back.

CCTV Footage

Elms suffered fatal injuries and died at the scene. His girlfriend would later give birth to his son Archie to him just three days before his funeral.

On Thursday, Greater Manchester Police released dramatic CCTV footage of the last moments of Elms’ life when Marler was jailed for a minimum of 16 years for murder.

Karl Marler, 17 (pictured) showed no “ remorse or regret ” after plunging a 15-inch kitchen knife into the back of 25-year-old Charlie Elms following a dispute at Oldham.

The teenager chased 25-year-old Charlie Elms armed with a kitchen knife after his family’s property in Oldham, Greater Manchester was attacked during a minor dispute.

Oldham: CCTV footage shows the last moments of Charlie Elms' life before  he's stabbed by Karl Marler


Charlie Elms, 25, ) slipped and fell while being chased by Marler, who stabbed him with a 15-inch blade in his back and killed him at the scene in Oldham.

The tragedy occurred after the two men were caught in a trivial dispute between two friends linked to Marler’s aunt at her home in Limeside, Oldham, Greater Manchester.

One of the friends had been asked to leave home and complained of ‘losing face’ and sparked a bitter feud in the small community that created ‘loyalties and loyalties’ between rival families, Manchester Crown Court heard. .

In the weeks leading up to Elms’s death, the windows of Marler’s aunt’s house were smashed, and later, Marler himself and two other men went to the other house and kicked the door, yelling for the man’s partner. occupant.

Things came to a head on May 26 of this year when Elms and six other men pulled into a blue Vauxhall Corsa car in front of Marler’s aunt’s house and began attacking the front door with a machete and scooter. for children who collected from the front garden.

Chilling moment murderer hunts down and stabs dad-to-be in a revenge  killing - Mirror Online


He denied the murder, but was found guilty after a trial and ordered to be detained for life at Her Majesty’s pleasure. He will serve a minimum of 16 years behind bars before he can be considered for parole.

Sentencing Judge Patrick Field QC told him: ‘This was a nasty and pointless fight. You were in league with one group, Elms was part of the other, and there was violence, threats, and vandalism in the previous weeks.

That day you expected problems and you armed yourself to take revenge. You had decided to seek revenge and this was evident from your tireless search for Charlie Elms.

He undoubtedly had several opportunities to give up, but the fact is that he was absolutely determined to make someone pay for what happened.

‘There was not a hint of grief, regret or remorse for taking the life of another man. Regardless of what Charlie Elms did or did on May 26, he was still a young man when he died.

“ He had a partner of 18 months and was eager to become a father himself. His death was surely a tragedy.

After the case, Greater Manchester Police Det Ch Insp Carl Jones said: “This was an episode of shocking violence that, very sadly, led to the death of a 25-year-old man.

Charlie’s death at such a young age is something no family should have to experience and all our thoughts are with them as they continue to process this ordeal.

‘Knife crime can cause misery and fear in our communities and incidents like these can have a devastating impact not only on those close to the family, but also on the community and the neighborhood at large.


In a statement, Elms partner Demi Leigh O’Shea said: ‘The life I thought was in front of me was absolutely destroyed. I knew he was the chosen one, my soul mate. He really wanted to be a dad, it was all he talked about.

‘Words don’t explain the emptiness and emptiness in my life. He is suspected of suffering from PTSD. Accepting that Charlie is gone is the hardest part.

‘The day I went into labor should have been a special day. Instead, this day was horrible. Then, three days later, it was Charlie’s funeral.

At the funeral, I caught Covid-19 feeling so empty and upset and I didn’t enjoy being a new mom.

‘It bothers me that someone took this precious time away from him. I stay in this constant state of pain and discomfort … The pain is excruciating.

I want the court to know that no matter how long the person who did this spends in prison, to me I don’t ever see myself feeling better. I’m lost without Charlie in my life. ‘

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