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Khloemae Loy : (Serial abuser jailed for 23 years for stabbing girlfriend to death at Holiday Inn Wiki, Bio, Age, Death, Kidnap, Family, Facebook, Crime

Khloemae Loy

Khloemae Loy Wiki

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Who is Khloemae Loy ?

A narcissistic, violent, and controlling personal trainer who murderer the girlfriend he abused for years at a Holiday Inn Express was jailed for life today and told he may never be released from jail.

Taye Francis, 40, was in a ‘roid rage’ when she stabbed 23-year-old Khloemae Loy in the neck in a hotel room near the O2 stadium in Greenwich, London, in July 2020.

Rapist Taye Francis (pictured), 40, was in a 'roid rage' when he stabbed Khloemae Loy, 23, in the neck in a hotel room near the O2 in Greenwich, London, the Old Bailey heard

Francis, 40, a violent bully convicted of raping a 19-year-old girl at ax point in 2002, had repeatedly beaten Miss Loy since she met her when she was 17 years old.

In 2017, he dumped her in a dumpster and was convicted of ABH. His victim had even obtained a restraining order against him, but was tragically drawn into Francis’s “spiral of abuse.”

He received a six-year sentence for kidnapping, rape and possession of a sharp object, and was placed on the s*x offender registry for life.

Jurors heard in 2013 that Francis was convicted of assaulting another woman and then sending her a message that read, “I’m going to kill you, I’m going to stab you in the neck and trap your family.”

Three years later, Francis was again convicted of assaulting an ex-partner during a domestic dispute .

Mrs Loy was found dead in a room at the Holiday Inn on the Greenwich Peninsula
She met Ms Loy in a pub near Croydon College where she was studying in 2017, she heard in court.

On July 4 of last year, the couple made a reservation at the Greenwich Holiday Inn Express.

The next morning, Francis called 999 and told the operator; “Quick, my girlfriend is dying, I stabbed her in the neck.”

While still on the line with the ambulance operator, Francis sent a photo to Ms. Loy’s attorneys that she was dead in bed with the message, “I killed my girlfriend.”

In a statement on the victim’s impact, Ms. Loy’s parents said: “Taye tricked her into entering her world.

She “She tried to manipulate and control Khloemae from the beginning. He took her away from her family and friends and physically and emotionally abused her. ”

“Taye has taken Khloemae’s life, but by doing so, she has also ruined ours.”

Quick Facts

  • Rapist Taye Francis, 40, was in a ‘roid rage’ when he stabbed Khloemae Loy, 23,
  • He knifed her in the neck in a hotel room in Greenwich, London, in July 2020
  • He took pictures of body on the blood soaked bed and sent one to his solicitor
  • Her parents begged Khloemae to leave him and knew that Francis would kill her
  • When police came to their door, her father Dany said: ‘He’s killed her, hasn’t he’
  • Francis, who was jailed for rape in 2002, had been injecting steroid for 10 years
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