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Kian Shakouri : Moment kickboxing instructor dressed only in his pants caught thief stealing tools from his car and reduced him to tears

Kian Shakouri

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Who is Kian Shakouri ?

Video footage shows the moment a kickboxer chased a thief down the street after stealing items from his car.

Kian Shakouri, 29, can be seen running out of his home in Bedworth, Warwickshire, wearing only boxer shorts after being alerted by his security cameras detected by motion outside his home.

He catch up with the thief who “cringed, groaned and cried” when he dropped the stolen items, which included tools Shakouri uses for his work as a carpenter and keys from his neighbor.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning and was captured by CCTV at the kickboxing coach’s home.

The 29-year-old runs Total Kickboxing Academy and also works full time as a carpenter

According to Kian, his tools had previously been stolen twice and so he was forced to install CCTV in an attempt to catch the thief.

Speaking to The Sun, the father of one said: “I had been waiting for this moment.

“It had been done twice in the past, but now it was my turn to get them back”

And so he did, on Sunday morning around 6am, Kian woke up to an alert from his motion detector that it had detected movement from outside his house.

Kian Shakouri managed to catch a thief in the darkness after sprinting after him along the street wearing only a pair of briefs  (Picture: Kian Shakouri/total_kickboxing_academy)

The culprit, who was wearing a hoodie and covering his face, had been in the process of stealing kickboxing gear and work gear that Shakouri uses for his full-time job as a carpenter.

He was caught on camera silently making his way through the items, placing some of them on the ground before closing the trunk.

A loud crash is heard as the shocked thief drops some of the equipment to the ground as he attempts to flee when Mr. Shakouri is thrown off at temperatures just a few degrees above freezing.

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