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Kristofer Erlbacher : Lowa man sentenced to life in prison after killing his friend in a fight over mayonnaise Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Kristofer Erlbacher

Kristofer Erlbacher Wiki

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Who is Kristofer Erlbacher?

Kristofer Erlbacher, now 29, used his truck to ram Caleb Solberg, 30, outside a cafe in the small town of Pisgah on Dec. 17, 2020, The Des Moines Register reported. Erlbacher initially drove away, then came back and hit Solberg with the truck two more times, according to the Record.

The two had been drinking in a bar with someone else earlier in the evening in nearby Moorhead, but things changed when Erlbacher spread mayonnaise on Solberg’s food, which irritated Solberg and led to a bar fight, reported Woodbine Twiner-Herald.

An irate Erlbacher called Solberg’s half-brother, Craig Pryor, on the way to the cafe and threatened to set Solberg’s house on fire and shoot him, the newspaper said. Pryor later arrived at Dave’s Old Home in Pisgah, where another confrontation was brewing.

Erlbacher eventually rammed his truck into Pryor’s truck and then rammed Solberg.

“Erlbacher’s first blow to Solberg did not kill him. He can be heard screaming for his brother Craig Pryor,” District Court Judge Greg Steensland wrote in the verdict, according to the Twiner-Herald.

Rather than just drive away, Erlbacher drove down the street, turned around and came back to hit Solberg a second time… To make sure he had completed the job, Erlbacher drove his truck over Solberg one last time.”

Erlbacher then left, but his truck broke down a short time later. Over the phone, he told Pryor that he had killed Solberg, according to the verdict.  @

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