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Kyrell Matthews : Toddler who was ‘beaten to death by his mother, 24, and her boyfriend was told to ‘shut up’ Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Kyrell Matthews

Kyrell Matthews Wiki

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Who is Kyrell Matthews ?


Prosecutors say Kyrell Matthews was repeatedly beaten by his mother and partner over several weeks, with “heartbreaking” secret audio recordings capturing the violence the couple are said to have inflicted on their south London flat.

Kyrell, who did not speak, died on the floor on October 20, 2019, with a litany of internal injuries, including 41 rib fractures and a 4cm-wide cut to his liver.

His mother Phylesia Shirley and Kemar Brown, who is not the boy’s father, deny killing Kyrell at Shirley’s home in Thornton Heath.

Prosecutor Edward Brown QC told the jury at the Old Bailey: “Kyrell had his ribs crushed or broken by beatings within four weeks of October 20.


‘At least one of the defendants clearly inflicted a significant number of injuries in at least five separate incidents in the four weeks prior to…Kyrell’s death.

“The pain and anguish of those four weeks in which he was abused came to light vividly in those harrowing recordings.

“On October 20 they crushed his ribs again, that killed him.”

Police later discovered secret audio files on Shirley’s mobile phone, the apparent results of attempts to catch Brown cheating, which inadvertently captured the abuse, the prosecution said.

They included multiple audio files where it appeared that Kyrell was hit repeatedly, with Brown saying “shut up,” causing the boy to cry and scream.


Police investigating the death of his son, Kyrell Matthews, found the recordings contained disturbing evidence that the nonverbal boy was repeatedly punched, with Brown saying “shut up,” causing the boy to cry and scream.

Prosecutor Mr. Brown told the jury: “It is a harrowing listening, because, the prosecution says, you will hear Kemar Brown beating that child over and over again on different days, and as a result, you will hear Kyrell crying and screaming.”

After the initial investigation, the lengthy task of examining a large amount of data on the phone began and was tracked over many months, and what was found was a section on Phylesia Shirley’s phone that contained various recordings.

They are revealing, in fact, they are very heartbreaking.

In a recording, the prosecution said Kyrell could be heard growing distraught amid “slapping sounds” and “pounding noises” as Brown told him to “shut up.”

The jury was told that Brown admits that it is his voice that is on the recording.

The prosecution said Shirley could be heard asking “What did he do?”, to which Brown is said to have replied “he got up”.

Phylesia Shirley Sketch

A court sketch of Phylesia Shirley and her partner, Kemar Brown, at the Old Bailey in London.

None of the defendants were employed before Kyrell’s death, the court heard.

Both also said they left the apartment at separate times, briefly, on the day the boy died , although CCTV could only corroborate Shirley’s account.

Shirley said she raised the alarm by calling the NHS non-emergency number 111 after she got home, saying her son had become “lazy”, his eyes were blank and he had trouble breathing.

“The ambulance arrived just 12 minutes later and Kyrell was rushed to hospital. Both Shirley and Brown denied hurting him.

It was only after his death that forensic examination offered clues as to how he died.

Prosecutor Mr Brown said: ‘This all happened behind closed doors, so to speak.

“After the initial investigation, a lengthy task of examining a large amount of phone data was initiated and tracked over many months, and what was found was a section on Phylesia Shirley’s phone that contained various recordings.

They are revealing, in fact, they are very heart breaking.


Shirley and Brown deny the murder and are on trial at the Old Bailey in London.

‘It seems Phylesia Shirley had set her phone to record what might or might not be going on in her apartment when she was away from her, or at least not within earshot.

“It appears that she was checking on Mr. Brown to see if she was contacting other women.

The court previously heard that Brown was using his mobile phone as A&E doctors fought to save Kyrell’s life.

The prosecutor continued: “Phylesia Shirley was observed to be in distress on the ground and also in hospital.

“Hearing about the decision to declare the extinction of life, she became hysterical.

“Descriptions of Kemar Brown’s behavior in the department and the hospital are of a calm person, a little distant and somewhat indifferent.  @

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