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Laurence Llewelyn : She needed architectural and elegant’: 1 Bowen reveals he designed daughter Hermione’s wedding dress – with satin, velvet and a fur-trimmed CAPE, Wiki, Bio, Facebook, Twitter, Instragram

Laurence Llewelyn

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Who is Laurence Llewelyn ?

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen has revealed that he helped design his daughter Hermione’s wedding dress for her wedding to childhood sweetheart Drew Marriott.

The 56-year-old television personality, best known for her home designs, also helped create outfits for his wife Jackie, also 56, and his eldest daughter Cecile, 26, for the great day.

Hermione, 23, married her fiancé, 24, at the 12th-century Church of St John the Baptist in Cirencester, having changed her original plans due to coronavirus restrictions.

The father-daughter duo revealed that they wanted the gown to be “architectural and youthful,” with a look comprised of a white satin dress with a cinched waist, sweetheart neckline, and a small white velvet cape trimmed.

The dressing room presenter told Hello! magazine the dress was ‘very big, very flowery and very us’ but that there was ‘reality in it too’.

He said: ‘I was very interested in Hermione wearing something fancy. She needed something architectural and youthful .

Leigh-Anne Pinnock burns in a skimpy yellow bikini as.

“I came up with a simple design: a white satin dress with a cinched waist, sweetheart neckline and a small white velvet cape with a (faux) fur trim.”

Hermione said that she was happy to trust her father with her job, as she knew he would have “what’s best of her.”

The ceremony at the church was followed by celebrations at Mansion House Cirencester Park, owned by close family friends the Earl and Countess of Bathurst.

Laurence said of the Covid mishaps: ‘Poor Hermione. He has been very patient with all of this, but yet he felt, “Oh my God, am I ever going to get married ?”

But Lady Sara Bathurst was a superhero. She pulled her pants out of her stockings like Wonder Woman and said, “You have to have it here.”

The TV presenter said the highlight of the day was walking Hermione down the hall, describing the experience as “like a movie”.

He reflected: ‘Because we were walking down this catwalk of candles, it was very cosy. She was desperate to get to Drew, who was grinning from ear to ear.

Hermione agreed that it had been a special moment and she said that she almost cried when her father took off her cloak and kissed her on the cheek because there was “so much love”.

Lawrence said the relief that the wedding was finally taking place was palpable at the ceremony.

“I have never been to a wedding where the entire congregation was so close to applauding at every stage. It was a feeling of, “Oh my God, we got there, they said, I’ll do it.”

“There was a huge crowd as we left the church to walk through the beautiful cobbled streets towards Cirencester Park and everyone applauded. It was such a powerful moment.

Laurence has long been known for his garish style, complete with wild patterned suits, his famous lustrous locks, and much more.

In 2015, he spoke to The Guardian about his style, saying, “Men today don’t understand the power of the wardrobe. I think about What i wear.

Quick Facts

  • The TV personality, 56, who is best known for his home designs, revealed he worked on the gown to ensure Hermione’s full specifications were met
  • He also helped create outfits for wife Jackie, 56, and eldest daughter Cecile, 26 
  • Hermione, 23, married her fiancé, 24, at the Church Of St John The Baptist in Cirencester, having changed their original plans due to coronavirus restrictions 
  • Laurence is well-known for his wild style, having soared to fame on Changing Rooms, where his garish suits took centre stage in the early Noughties  @

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