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Lidiia Makarchuk , 31, injured and brother and friend killed by WW1 bomb during wedding party

Lidiia Makarchuk

Lidiia Makarchuk Wiki

                                Lidiia Makarchuk Biography

Who is Lidiia Makarchuk?

Miss Makarchuk, a Ukrainian-born accountant, recalled telling her friends how her husband had won her heart after congratulating him on his shoes at church in 2019.


She said: “The fire created a special atmosphere and we had a lot to say. It had been so long since we saw each other.” Varga, an avid radio operator and photographer, went to his store around 9 p.m. to look for his camera when he was rocked by an earth-shaking explosion. Sitting around a campfire in an idyllic forest glade, it was the perfect honeymoon celebration with family and friends. But the dream excursion was turned into a bloodbath by a buried bomb from World War I. Shrapnel went through Lidiia Makarchuk’s body and her brother died. The 31-year-old had traveled to the beautiful place in Ukraine for a late honeymoon after marrying Norbert Varga, 43, near her home in Bracknell, Berkshire.

The blast is believed to have been sparked by fire the group of 12 had lit at the end of a hike last month in the Carpathians, near the Hungarian border. The bomb exploded while they were telling stories and drinking tea.

Statement by Wife

He said: “While packing my gear, the sound of an explosion and screaming broke the silence. I ran to the bonfire as fast as I could, calling out Lidiia’s name. ” His wife recalled the moment the blast passed through the camp and said: “In a second I felt as if someone had taken a stone and thrown it in my face, especially in the nose.Then I had a ringing in my ears followed by a silence where I could only hear myself. I turned around, covered my face with my hands, and began to pray for myself. Then I realized that it wasn’t just me. Everyone was moaning, everyone was in pain. ”

Varga desperately tried to find his wife, who had suffered shrapnel wounds to her left eye and to her face.Her hands were lacerated as well, leaving the bone visible, while her legs were shattered and part of her muscle was missing. Varga, who is from Hungary but has lived in the UK since 2018, said: “I will never forget the sound of Myroslav’s death agony.“ I tried to bandage his head and put him in the recovery position, but it was too late. He was fighting for his life for two hours. I keep thinking, what could he have done more? Why not me? Because they? War movies are the closest thing to what I experienced that night, I’ll never forget it. ”


Miss Makarchuk and the other injured vacationers finally arrived at the hospital at 4 a.m., an agonizing seven hours after the blast.Although still in the hospital, Ms Makarchuk is now walking again, but she believes it will be at the end of next month before she can travel to Hungary for further vision treatment, after which she will return home. in the United Kingdom.

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Quick Facts

  •  Lidiia Makarchuk, 31, was hit by an unexploded WW1 bomb on her honeymoon
  • The bomb detonated, killing her brother and a friend and leaving her in hospital 
  • She had gone to Ukraine with her husband from their home in Berkshire
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