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Magdalena Andersson 54 : Sweden’s first-ever female PM QUITS within just HOURS as her coalition government collapses Wiki, Bio

Magdalena Andersson

Magdalena Andersson Wiki

                                    Magdalena Andersson Biography

Who is Magdalena Andersson?

Eva Magdalena Andersson is a Swedish Social Democratic politician who has been Prime Minister of Sweden since 26 November 2021, and leader of the Social Democratic Party since 4 November 2021. Wikipedia


January 23, 1967 (age 54 years), Vaksala församling


Richard Friberg (m. 2000)


Swedish Social Democratic Party


Minister for Finance of Sweden since 2014


Harvard University (1995–1995), Stockholm School of Economics (1992)


Göran Andersson, Birgitta Andersson

TV shows: 


Sweden’s first female prime minister was forced to resign just hours after taking office when her coalition parties withdrew their support.

Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson had been elected by parliament by the narrowest margin possible in a coalition with the left and center parties.

Green Party

But the Green Party dropped support for her after she lost a crucial budget bill, forcing her to withdraw, meaning another vote for prime minister will take place.

Andersson had previously struck a last-minute deal with the left to increase pensions in exchange for their backing in today’s vote.

Social Democrats

He took office as leader of the Social Democrats earlier this month and had received the support of the Social Democrats’ coalition partner, the Greens, as well as the Center Party.

Parliament will now have to hold a new vote for the prime minister , as the current result was based on Andersson leading a coalition made up of the Social Democrats and his Greens.

Swedish Democrats

The government’s budget was rejected in favor of a rival bill introduced by three right-wing parties, including anti-immigrant Swedish Democrats.

Ecological co-leader Marta Stenevi said: “We wanted to have the power to carry out ecological policies.

“It is not the Green Party’s job in politics to implement a budget negotiated with the Swedish Democrats.”

On Wednesday, a total of 117 MPs voted for her, while 57 abstained, 174 voted against and one was absent.

Under Sweden’s system, a candidate for prime minister does not need the support of a majority in parliament, he simply does not need to have a majority, or 175 votes, against him.

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Quick Facts

  • Finance minister Magdalena Andersson was elected by narrowest margin
  • She agreed a deal with the Greens and Centre Party but they withdrew support
  • She has now been forced to resign and another vote will be held 
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