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Who is Mark Andrew Sendecky ? Swim coach caught with 1200 vile pics and clips of boys as young as FIVE being molested or undressing in a pool changeroom admits ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Net worth,

Mark Andrew Sendecky

Mark Andrew Sendecky Wiki

Mark Andrew Sendecky Biography

Who is Mark Andrew Sendecky?

A disgraceful swimming coach who saved more than 1,200 photos and clips of sexually abused children in a Dropbox folder, including young children in a locker room by the pool, admitted that he has a “serious problem” that he “has to fix”.

Mark Andrew Sendecky had been in jail for eight months when he appeared in Sydney District Court via video link from a cell at the Junee Correctional Center on Tuesday morning.

When his lawyer Erin Hoile told the court that Sendecky had “understood” the seriousness of his crime since he was arrested, the 39-year-old avoided looking down at the camera sleeve and instead chose to look into the distance.

Hoile told Judge Helen Syme

His gaze narrowed when Hoile told Judge Helen Syme that he “knows” how to use Dropbox, Twitter and a Snapchat account linked to the email username “sniffsniff16” to access the disgusting images and images that were “wrong”.

In March, detectives discovered 23 videos on the file-sharing platform showing boys between the ages of five and 15 who are forced to perform depraved acts on each other and adult men, along with 1,227 photos of boys between the ages of six and 12 suffering from abuse.

A recording showed four boys between the ages of seven and 14, unaware that they were being filmed undressing in a locker room by the pool.

Mark Sendecky

Mark Sendecky, originally from Victoria, is close to his mother but otherwise has a “limited” support network

He pleaded guilty in September to possessing and controlling child abuse material with the help of a transport service and risks between four and 15 years in prison.

The psychologists’ results read in court on Tuesday suggested that Sendecky “did not have a good idea of ​​the harm to people and society,” but his legal team claimed otherwise. “It has been necessary until now that I have a serious problem that I must fixa, ”said Sendecky, according to Hoile.

She told the court that the former athlete plans to undergo rehabilitation programs in prison to try to ensure he does not relapse.

“It’s a good first step,”

“It’s a good first step,” Judge Helen Syme said before asking if she was too early to know if Sendecky really felt remorse for her actions.

The 39-year-old has been in custody for the past eight months and will be sentenced on Friday
Hoile explained that her client did not try to hide her identity online or hid the Dropbox folder behind fake email addresses or phone numbers.

She claimed that the number of videos showing children being sexually abused was “relatively low” compared to other cases, noting that police did not find any depraved images of infants during a search of their electronic devices.

It is understood that Sendecky will try to return to Victoria to be with her mother and her “limited” support network.

Sendecky has not set foot in society since he was charged because bail officials said he was at risk of recidivism.

He will be sentenced in the district court on Friday morning.

Sendecky is a talented swimmer who has previously competed in the national swimming championships and has won a variety of competitions throughout his career.

He was the trainer and marketing director at Masters Swimming Victoria from 2014 to 2018 and was part of the Melbourne-based LGBTQI + swimming team, Glammourhead Sharks.

Mark Sendecky’s lawyer claimed he did not try to hide the Dropbox folder using fake identities
In 2018, she moved to Sydney where she joined the LGBTQI + swimming team, Wett Ones.

Masters Swimming Victoria said that Sendecky “had no role with children or young people while he was associated with our organization” in a statement.

“MSV is saddened by the latest media reports that our former member and coach, Mark Sendecky, is being charged with a crime,” he said.

‘Mr. Sendecky resigned from his volunteer role as MSV’s technical director in 2018. Since then, he has not had any further relationship with MSV.

“The safety of our members is a priority for MSV.”

Each organization has cleared its respective pages on social media of photos and posts with the disgraced coach since his first trial date in May.

Sendecky was arrested at his home in Erskineville, in inner western Sydney, in March after police discovered the files, which date back to November 2019.

His sister-in-law previously told the Daily Mail Australia that she knew the case had “something to do with the internet and underage children.”

She said the allegations were “quite outrageous” to his family.

A source previously told the Daily Mail Australia that Sendecky was a “quiet person” who kept quiet after moving from Melbourne to Sydney three years ago.

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Quick Facts

  • Mark Sendecky, 39, avoided looking at the camera when he appeared in court 
  • Detectives found 23 videos and 1227 photos showing sickening child abuse 
  • Used Dropbox and social media account linked to the email ‘sniffsniff16’
  • Lawyer argued he knows what he did was wrong but psychologists say otherwise
  • Disgraced swim coach is close with his mother, but doesn’t have many friends 
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