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Mark Wahlberg 50 : Wiki, Bio, Age & Family, brothers will open a burger joint next to the Sydney Opera House NEXT MONTH

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg Wiki

                                     Mark Wahlberg Biography

Who is Mark Wahlberg?

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg, former stage name Marky Mark, is an American actor, producer, and former rapper. Wahlberg was born in  Boston, Massachusetts in 1971. In his youth, he committed multiple racially-charged assaults.

Robert Michael Wahlberg’s Age

Born: June 5, 1971 (age 50 years), Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Robert Michael Wahlberg’s Height

Height: 1.73 m


Spouse: Rhea Durham (m. 2009)

Upcoming movie: 



Brendan Wahlberg, Grace Margaret Wahlberg, Ella Rae Wahlberg, Michael Wahlberg


Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg and his brothers – Paul and Donnie

If you had told Paul Wahlberg in 1988 that his younger brother, Mark, would one day be a huge movie star, making $ 20 million per film and worth an estimated $ 350 million, he would have said you were crazy.

If you had also told Paul back then that one day he and his brother Mark and Donnie would own a restaurant chain with 60 establishments in the US, Canada, Europe and, as of December, Australia, their answer would have been the same.

But, incredibly, everything has become a reality.

Now restaurant chain Wahlburgers boasting 60 outlets across the US, Canada, Europe & Australia

In 1988, 16-year-old Mark Wahlberg was a wild child dealing marijuana and using cocaine who had just served 45 days in an adult prison for a violent random attack on a Vietnamese immigrant on the streets of Boston.

At the same time, Paul, then 24, was washing dishes for a caterer, and Donnie, 18, was trying to get a record label interested in the boy band he had formed with friends and called New Kids on the Block after a rap. song that he had written.

For a broken family of nine who lived in a three-bedroom apartment, the future didn’t look particularly bright for either of the Wahlbergs. When Mark was locked up in the rat-infested Deer Island House of Correction after being charged with attempted murder and pleading guilty to a lesser count of criminal contempt, he appeared to be going a one-way street.

“We go through ups and downs like all families,” Paul said this week. ‘Things happen that you have to deal with. He didn’t know everything Mark was doing. Sometimes you hear things, sometimes you don’t.

“All I know is that he changed his life, he worked hard, he succeeded and I couldn’t be more proud.”

The same goes for Donnie, who built on the worldwide success of New Kids on the Block in a lucrative career as a television actor with lead roles in shows like Blue Bloods and Band of Brothers.

Paul still has a hard time believing that the two little brothers he once shared a small room, along with three other siblings, are now household names.

“There was no way you could have predicted what they have become,” he says.

‘How many people get off that bus in Hollywood saying they’re going to be a star? How many people sing in a small club dreaming that they are going to be part of the biggest band in the world?

Thousands? Millions And how many make it? Not many, but my two brothers do. I guess I always felt there was something special there, but maybe everyone thinks the same of their little brothers. ‘

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Quick Facts

  • Journalist Mike Colman shares Wahlberg brothers’ incredible rags to riches story
  • Mark Wahlberg and his brothers are set to open the first Wahlburgers in Australia
  • The restaurant at Sydney’s Circular Quay is expected to open from December
  • But long before opening 60 burger outlets, the brothers lived a very different life
  • Mark was locked up in prison for a random attack while Paul was washing dishes
  • They were from a broken family of nine kids living in a three-bedroom apartment 
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