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Miranda Fryer 34 : Cause of death Family say ex-Neighbours child star’s heart, Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Miranda Fryer

Miranda Fryer, Wiki

                                             Miranda Fryer, Biography

Who is Miranda Fryer ?

She was 34 years old.

Causes of death

She has not yet been given a cause of death, but her family revealed that she had heart health problems before passing away in her sleep.

Writing on Facebook, Miranda’s brother Jeremy said that she left “peacefully”.

“I write to you with the saddest news. Last Thursday around noon, MJ passed away, ”he wrote.

“She was completely unexpected, we still don’t know for sure what the cause was, but with our family history, it seems that her heart failed while she was sleeping. She left in peace” ”.

“MJ was a great personality, it’s going to be a different world without her.

Miranda’s mother, Traci Hunter, hailed her as “the most wonderful daughter” in a heartbreaking tribute, describing her death as a “terrible shock.”

“She went to sleep and didn’t wake up. It’s a terrible shock for all of us, ” She told the Herald Sun.

“She was a really kind and caring person, almost too good to be true; obviously she was too good to be true since she was taken from us so soon.


And in a statement posted online, Miranda’s grieving loved ones described her as “beautiful inside and out “.

“True soul mates, Miranda and Arthur were making plans to start her family when one day last week she went to sleep and never woke up. We don’t know why, ”her family said.

“She had had some heart health problems, maybe her beautiful personality was too good for this world of ours.


“Those of us who love her so much will treasure the memories she has left us and will mourn our loss forever.

“A beautiful girl, a dazzling teenager, beautiful inside and out… a woman, with so much love and happiness given and received. So many friends, so much to offer to this world, are gone.


Miranda’s family confirmed to TV Tonight that the former Neighbors star died on January 6 .

She began playing the role of Sky, the on-screen daughter of Joe Mangel, played by Mark Little, and Kerry Bishop, played by Linda Hartley-Clark, at just 18 months in 1989 over a three-year span.

The character was later reintroduced in 2003 when she was a teenager, played by Stephanie McIntosh.

Miranda had studied to be a nurse and was due to start a graduate position at Monash Hospital in the neuroscience department in February after recently finishing her degree. Miranda on her wedding day in November 2020 to her mother Traci Hunter.

What was Miranda Fryer’s net worth?

Her net worth is estimated at $ 300,000 and her other tangible assets are unknown. She has earned her fortune from her acting profession and acting in movies.

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