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Muhammed Khubaib 22 : a Bitcoin Boy who demanded £10,000 for his safe return

Muhammed Khubaib

Muhammed Khubaib Wiki

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Who is Muhammed Khubaib?

Muhammed Khubaib, 22, who owned car and punched victim, has been jailed for four years after admitting and blackmail at Bradford Crown Court

Kidnapping a School boy

A schoolboy who bragged on social media about making money trading Bitcoin was kidnapped by a gang demanding £ 10,000 for his safe return, a court heard. The terrified teeager, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was confronted outside a takeout in Bradford , West York, in May and put in a car.

After one of the kidnappers put his hand over the boy’s mouth, they beat him and forced him to into the back of Toyota Auris.

Admitted the Crime by Muhammaed Khubaib in Court

Shufqat Khan, Khubaib’s lawyer, said he had been in detention since May and was now learning the hard way that “you are the company you have.” He claimed that his client had been carried away be associates with a more criminal mentality.

But Judge Mansell suggested that Khubaib was one of the main drivers of the crime because he had been observing the boy at takeout and had imprisoned him for four years. The court heard that the victim no longer lived in Bradford and Judge Mansell said the crime had “profound consequences” for the young man and his family. The judge explained that Khubaib would have beenjailed for five years after a trial, but his guilty plea meant that his sentence could be reduced to four years.

Speaking after sentencing, West Yorkshire Police Detective Paul Maxwell said: “We welcome the sentencing of Khubaib in court today. He pleaded guilty to the two charges against him in May.

Sentenced by Court

Mohammed Khubaib has been has been jailed for four years after admitting kidnapping and blackmail at Bradford Crown Court

Statement by Mother of School boy

Khubaib, 22, then hit him in the face with a glove containing sand, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Laura McBride said the boy was told that he would have to call her mother and tell her to give him “£ 10,000 or her son would not come home.”

She called the boy’s mother and she described how the kidnappers demanded money while her son cried, the court heard.

Ms McBride said it was agreed that the mother would give the men £ 900 and she left her home to deliver the cash when Khubaib brought the Auris to the home.

The incident was subsequently reported to the police and Khubaib was arrested a few days later.

He pleaded guilty to kidnapping and blackmail charges, but the court heard that the other after three  men involved had not been identified or prosecuted.

Bradford Registration Judge Richard Mansell QC said the young man had been “clearly the target” of the men.

He said he was kidnapped after seeing social media posts suggesting that he had made a reasonable amount of money ” from trading Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

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