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Nicholas Alahverdian : American fugitive 34, who faked his own death to escape s*x and fraud charges in US is caught by police in Scottish hospital after catching COVID and ending up on ventilator, Wiki, Bio, Facebook, Twitter

Nicholas Alahverdian

Nicholas Alahverdian Wiki

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Who is Nicholas Alahverdian ?

A fugitive who faked his own death to escape s*x charges in the US has been captured at a hospital in Scotland after being put on a ventilator with a COVID infection.

Nicholas Alahverdian, 34, was arrested on an Interpol notice at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow on December 13, where he was intubated after nearly dying from the virus. Alahverdian, who claimed to have died of cancer in February 2020, aged 32, is wanted on a 2008 s*x ual assault charge in Utah.

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office in Provo began the search for Alahverdian in 2020 after testing old s*x ual assault kits and linking him to a 2008 case that had been closed by a detective without being referred to prosecutors.

The Utah prosecutor said Alahverdian had also fled charges in Ohio, though no further details of the accusations against Alahverdian, who claims to be a married father of two, have been shared.

He also faced allegations of fraud and extortion in Utah and Ohio, the Providence-Journal reported.

Her former adoptive mother told the outlet last year that she illegally obtained more than 22 credit cards and loans in her husband’s name and she racked up almost $200,000 in debt.

Alahverdian claimed to have died in Rhode Island, where state representatives mourned his passing, and his ongoing medical problems meant that police were finally able to locate and arrest him .

He faced extradition via video link from his room in a Scottish hospital last month and was kept under police surveillance. It is unclear how Alahverdian was captured and if he has been returned to the United States.

The scammer saw a gushing Alahverdian obituary posted online, which his former adoptive mother suspected the alleged scammer had written himself, after recognizing his writing style.

There was also an allegedly posthumous plea on YouTube, uploaded three weeks after Alahverdian’s death, calling on supporters to help the former foster child push for reform of the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Families.

Speaking in a gruff voice towards the end of a self-aggrandizing video touting his accomplishments, Alahverdian said: “I am Nicholas Alahverdian and I kindly ask you to join me in my final fight to reform DCYF.”

The news report from a local radio station announcing Alahverdian’s death was also uploaded to the same YouTube channel, in an attempt to underscore that Alahverdian really was dead.


Quick Facts

  • Nicholas Alahverdian, 34, fled the US in 2018 after a fraud charge and DNA linked him to a s*x attack
  • A fake obituary issued in 2020 claimed he had died of non-Hodgkin lymphoma 
  • He was admitted to a Glasgow Hospital suffering from Covid last year and his condition became so severe that he was placed on a ventilator 
  • He was arrested on an Interpol notice at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow on December 13, where he was intubated after nearly dying of Covid
  • Utah County Attorney in Provo is seeking Alahverdian over an unsolved 2008 s*x assault 
  • He used the name Arthur Knight when detained by Scotland police but it is believed he went under at least eight different aliases since going on the run
  • Alahverdian is a s*x offender, having been convicted of two 2008 s*x assaults 
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