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Anyone who’s hit the gym in January will know that it’s a time when people suddenly embrace fitness, achieving their New Year’s goals by working out and eating healthy.

But by February, there’s a big drop in gym-goers, and many people have given up on their New Year’s resolutions to live a healtheir, fitter lifestyle.

So as the end of the month approaches, are you still sticking to your fitness goals?

Since so many fail, personal trainers have told FEMAIL how to avoid common mistakes, from doing too much too fast to not putting together a proper plan.

Nik Naidoo, co-founder of strength-based platform GRNDHOUSE, who used to be a world-renowned Barry’s trainer, explained: ‘New year, new you? My number one tip I have is to gorget about it.

‘It’s paramount to take the progression through exercise slowly, and while this isn’t necessarily a sexy mindset, patience, consistency and discipline will be your secret weapons if you really want to make lasting changes towards your fitness goals.

“January fitness plans are great to have in the beginning, but sadly a lot of these self-made promises are broken within weeks.”

Here Nik and other fitness experts reveal common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

start small

Tom McClelland, head of UK athletic training at Virgin Active, told FEMAIL that the best way to get fit is to Keep up the pace.

‘Start small,’ he explained.

‘Set yourself a daily task that benefits your physical or mental health; and check off that task every day.

“This could be a walk, a group exercise class, a stretching/mobility session, or even something that helps you get some clarity on your goals.”

Autumn Sahar, an ambassador for online fitness brand Core Balance, which provides a variety of equipment to support easy and sustainable healthy lifestyle changes, added to FEMAIL: ‘During January, you will be inundated with unhealthy diets that are unsustainable and a path to falure in any wellness goal.

‘These diets promise great results for significant changes in your life.

‘Not only are they unrealistic for long-term goals, but they will also make you feel unhappy while following them.

Instead, make small changes to your diet that you can stick with, such as controlling portion sizes, eating more fruits and vegetables each day, and switching to healthier snacks.

Don’t focus on weight loss.

Tom added: ‘Try to set goals other than those that focus on aesthetics and weight loss. For example, set a goal to have more energy or feel more confident.

‘Find a training, a class or something that makes you feel good, you will enjoy it much more and, therefore, you will keep coming back.

David Wiener, Training Specialist at Freeletics, the AI-based fitness and lifestyle coaching app, added: “Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

“It’s easy to watch someone else do exactly the same exercises as you and compare yourself to them. Even if someone else can do more reps than you, use a heavier weight, or just make it look a lot easier, don’t be discouraged .

“At some point, everyone has to start from the beginning, just make sure you are focused on your own personal fitness goal and not getting too far ahead of yourself.

Not knowing why you’re getting fit

Nik explained: ‘ You hear about thousands of people creating fitness goals in January but why are are you doing it. but why are YOU doing it.

‘Ask yourself why your personal goals are so important to achieve.

‘By doing this and providing the ‘why’, it gives more meaning and context to the goal itself, and thus giving you an even better reason to stick to it.

‘Always remember the ‘why’ and your mindset will change.

‘For example, ‘I want to lose weight because it’s going to improve my confidence and allow me to live a longer, healthier life’.

‘Take some time to discover why you really want to get fitter and make 2022 your fittest year yet.

‘You should ask yourself ‘why?’ approximately five times to get down to your core belief.

‘Once you know why you’re doing this, remind yourself about it regularly and just focus on getting the work done.

‘Its normal to feel unmotivated some days. However, knowing what drives you and keeps you going is powerful. Take time to ask yourself what motivates you.

Train to 70 percent of your pre-Christmas levels

Aimee added: “If you’ve taken a fair amount of time off over the festive period or are a newbie to fitness, then it’s important that you get back on your feet.”

I see a lot of people who go straight back to the gym and try to lift the same weight or train with the same intensity as before.

“Not only will this increase your risk of injury, but I guarantee you’ll be so sore for the next 3-4 days that you won’t be able to move.”

‘If this happens, you’re going to think things like what’s the point of working out when it makes me feel like this.

“When you go back to your first workout, work out about 70 percent of what you had before, or if you’re a novice, just go into your sessions and gradually each week you can increase the intensity and volume.

Find an exercise that works for you

Tom added: “You may be a yoga lover, or you may prefer to do strength training and HIIT group exercises.” Or maybe swimming is what you like the most.

‘Explore all the exercise experience options available at your chosen club to see what you enjoy the most. If you enjoy what you do, you will keep coming back for more.

( Aimee added): ‘A big mistake I’ve seen is people not doing the exercise they enjoy.

“They are doing the exercise because they think it will help them lose weight. This is the completely wrong way of doing things.

‘Weight loss will be a by-product of exercise and should never be the only goal. So during January play around with different forms of exercise.

‘Find something you enjoy and I guarantee you’ll stick with it for much longer than you would if you decided to do something to lose weight.

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  • Personal Trainer Nik Naidoo, a co-founder of strength based-platform GRNDHOUSE, said to forget about the ‘new year, new you’ mantra in fitness
  • Advised making small changes and not overdoing fitness goals in 2022 
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