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Nikki Dubose 36:(Former Maxim model reveals she was ‘drugged and raped at lunch with a photographer’)Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Model, Facebook

Nikki Dubose

Nikki Dubose Wiki

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Who is Nikki Dubose ?

Nikki DuBose is an American host, model, and actress-turned-author, advocate, and mental health ambassador. Wikipedia

Nikki Dubose Age

  • She is Born: March 21, 1985 (age 36), Charleston, South Carolina, United States

Nikki Dubose Family

  • Parents: Wayne DuBos, Sandra Pierce

Former model Nikki Dubose

A former model has revealed that she was ‘drugged and raped’ at a fashion lunch, while accusing her former agent of encouraging her to be anorexic and only employing her if she sleeps with him.

In the early 2000s, 36-year-old Nikki Dubose, originally from Charleston, South Carolina, was one of the top models in the industry, appearing on the covers of magazines like Maxim and Glamor.


but in a powerful new interview with Real Women / Real Stories, she said that in order to get modeling jobs, the director of her agency would force her to have s*x with him.

She also claimed that the agency made her eating disorder worse as they ‘pressured her to be more skinny’ and that ‘they did not care about her mental or physical state’ of her.

A former model has revealed that she was 'drugged and raped' at a fashion luncheon - and claimed her agent would only give her work if she slept with him

Fashion model for many years

I was a fashion model for many years, I was very successful and unfortunately I saw the darker side of the industry, ” she said.

‘The director of my agency pressured me on multiple occasions to sleep with him. And when I did, I worked harder. But when I didn’t, the work stopped coming. ‘

The former model also said that she was ‘drugged and raped’ at lunch with a photographer, which left her feeling ‘completely inhuman and traumatized’.

She continued: ‘When I was drugged and raped, at lunch with a photographer, I felt completely inhuman and traumatized.’

Nikki revealed that she suffered from ‘eating disorders and body dysmorphia’ and claimed that the modeling agency she worked for ‘exacerbated her problems’ rather than helping her.

“I think the modeling agency definitely exacerbated my problems with eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder,” she admitted.

At the height of her fame, Nikki (pictured in 2008) weighed just 90lbs - and says she was struggling with eating disorders and body dysmorphia made worse by the industry

‘It is such a psychologically damaging industry. When he was sicker with anorexia nervosa, he worked harder. Nobody cared about my mental health, my physical health, nothing.

“ They pushed me to be slimmer. He weighed only 90 pounds, but everyone around me was just glamorizing him. They told me, “You look so amazing, you are the most beautiful girl we have ever seen.”

But really, all they wanted was to make money from me. It allowed me to be in a position where people could control and abuse me. ‘

Nikki Dubose

Education: A tool that maintains balance through every dimension of life. -  Lecole


Now, Nikki is the founder of Live ED Free, an eating disorder recovery counseling service. She is a Psy.D. Clinical Psychology student at Meridian University and holds a B.A. in psychology from the University of Southern California.

Many people flooded the comment section of the video to share their support for Nikki and share some of their own experiences.

“I came out of the modeling industry [because of] the glamorization of ‘skinny being pretty’ and every day since I left that behind I have felt better than the day before,” wrote one person.

“Thank you for sharing her story and shedding light on the dangers in the industry.”

Another added: ‘I worked front desk at modeling agencies in New York and was around a lot of models, both female and male. Some would mourn me sharing that if they didn’t sleep with their agent or the agency owner, they wouldn’t get a job … it’s a really messy industry. ‘


In 2018, the author claimed in a previous interview that her mother, Sandy Pierce, abused her as a child, making her a s*x addict.

“ It started when I took a shower, ” she told Entity magazine. “When I was around eight or nine years old, my mom (as she called it)” took my temperature “a lot in the bathroom.

“Every time I thought I could get away from s*x and the lifestyle, it would enslave me and put me in even more dangerous situations. S*x always got more risky; the inner pain, more pronounced.

In another interview, she said that because she was “s*xually victimized as a child and physically abused, she never had the opportunity to understand that she was born dignified and beautiful.”

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Nikki Dubose Quicks and Facts

  • In the early 2000s, Nikki Dubose, 36, was one of the biggest models in the industry – gracing the covers of magazines like Maxim and Glamour 
  • But in a new interview with Real Women/Real Stories, she said in order to land modelling jobs, the director of her agency would force her to have s*x with him
  • She also claimed that the agency ‘exacerbated’ her eating disorder, and that they ‘didn’t care about her mental or physical health’
  • Nikki said she was ‘pressured into being skinnier,’ and that at one point, she only weighed 90lbs. She added: ‘Everyone around me just glamorized it’
  • The former model also claimed she was ‘drugged and raped’ at a lunch event, which she said left her feeling ‘completely inhuman and traumatized’ 
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