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Where is Noof al-Maadeed?

Noof al-Maadeed

Noof al-Maadeed Wiki

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Who is Noof al-Maadeed?

A woman who escaped to Britain form Qatar after enduring years of alleged domestic abuse has mysteriously vanished after retuning to her homeland.  Fears are mounting for the safety of Noof al-Maadeed.

How Old is Noof al-Maadeed?

She is 21 Years old Qatari Girl.

Video Statement

She said in a video posted online: ‘If you do not see any post from me in the coming days., that means I have been handed over to my family against my will.’

With the situation unclear, one news report claimed yesterday she told police she was subjected to ‘murder attempts’ at the hotel where she was staying in the capital Doha.

Another suggested that she was ‘fine’ but her friends – who posted thier concerns on social media alongside hte hashtag “WhereisNoof”  are deeply sceptical.

They raised the alarm after she suddenly went quiet on Wednesday afternoon and did not respond to messages.There has been nothing from her since.

Qatari authorities have yet to comment on the matter while a source said that the 21-year-old is safe.

Social media users in Qatar and beyond have taken to Twitter to express concern over the sudden disappearance of Noof Al Maadeed, a 21-year-old Qatari woman who field the country after years of alleged domestic abuse.

Al Maadeed announced her return to Qatar from the UK on September 30, where she applied for asylum in 2019.

Her return to her home country, where she complained of abuse by her family, had been hailed as a “brave move” by many.

The young Qatari woman had been documenting her case on social media and in a post, she said that she decided to return home due to her full confidence in her authorities to protect her from any threats.

Asylum in the UK

Speaking to Human Rights Watch earlier this year, Al Maadeed said that he had been abused by his family and that his freedom of movement his family and that his freedom of movement was restricted. Al Maadeed said that he was only allowed out of the house to go to school.

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Quick Facts

  • Noof al-Maadeed, 23, escaped to Britain after years of alleged domestic abuse 
  • She mysteriously vanished four days ago after returning to her homeland, Qatar
  • Friends raised the alarm after she suddenly went quiet on Wednesday afternoon
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