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Olivia Monks : Hair stylist, 23, who led a double life as a debt collector for her drug dealer boyfriend, 22, is spared jail after judge Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Olivia Monks

Olivia Monks Wiki

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Who is Olivia Monks ?

A hairstylist who led a secret double life as a debt collector for her drug-dealing boyfriend has been freed after a judge admitted she was the victim of a ‘corrosive relationship’.

Olivia Monks, 23, sent dirty money owed to Mitchum Fisher, 22, after he sent her a 23-name “debtors list” to pursue payment totaling £8,400 in March 2020.

The couple, who have a two-year-old son together, were arrested after police stopped their Audi A1 car in Farnworth, near Bolton, Greater Manchester, at 1:25 p.m. m. on April 10, when police were looking for Fisher in connection with other matters. .

Monks was in the driver’s seat, Fisher was in the back seat and one of her clients, 22-year-old Dylan Gallagher, was sitting next to her.

Officers found £200 worth of cocaine in plastic bags, £100 worth of super strong ‘skunk’ cannabis, a set of digital scales and a kitchen knife inside a gray satchel inside the car. Another kitchen knife, with Monks’s blood on the handle, was also found inside the glove box.

Monks, from Farnworth, faced jail time after she admitted

Gallagher was caught with 0.285g of cocaine worth £25 in a speed bag, which he told officers was for “personal use”.

She took a mobile phone from Monks that showed her collecting money on Fisher’s behalf, contacting various people to pursue debts.

Monks, from Farnworth, faced jail time after she admitted acquiring criminal property and having an item with blades at Bolton Crown Court.

But instead, she was sentenced to a two-year community injunction by Judge Martin Walsh, who said her involvement was “the result of influence exerted on you” by Fisher, who is no longer her boyfriend.

Fisher, of Salford, and Gallagher

Fisher, of Salford, and Gallagher, of Farnworth, each received a 12-month suspension for two years after they admitted to possessing cocaine and having cannabis with the intent to supply.

Fisher has also been ordered to complete 180 hours of unpaid work and Gallagher will also have to complete 140 hours. Both will have to complete a nine-month drug rehabilitation program.

Sentencing Judge Martin Walsh said: “This was a large-scale cannabis operation because of the volumes of money involved.”

It’s not unreasonable to conclude that Olivia Monks has been dragged into this as a debt collector for her boyfriend. Her offensive behavior is largely due to the damaging relationship she had with Fisher.

He told Monks, who was also required to complete 30 days of rehabilitation requirements: ‘You were involved in debt collection on behalf of her former partner.


“He had a promising football career, he started at Oldham and seemed to be moving on to Manchester United but it didn’t happen and that’s when his life took a different turn and he fell into this lifestyle.

He was in a relationship with Miss Monks, but not anymore, although they have a two-year-old son together. He wants to be a responsible father and stay away from drug use. He has a genuine desire to desist from offending and end his association with those who caused these problems.’

Prosecutor David Lees had told the court: The police stopped the Audi A1 of ‘Mrs. Monks’ with Mrs. Monks in the driver’s seat, Gallagher in the back seat behind her, and Fisher in the other back seat.

Gallagher was found to have 0.285g of cocaine worth £25 in a single bag in the breast pocket of her waistcoat. He replied “It’s for my personal use, I forgot it was there” and then the car was searched. A kitchen knife was found in the glove compartment and Mrs. Monks’s blood was found on the handle.

Police also searched a gray satchel in the car and found £200 worth of cocaine in plastic bags, £100 worth of super-strength “skunk” cannabis, a set of digital scales and a second kitchen knife.

‘A mobile phone was seized from Olivia Monks and this showed her collecting money on Fisher’s behalf.

“In March 2020, he had sent her a list of 23 names with sums totaling more than £8,000. She can be seen contacting various people chasing those debts.

He later responded by sending Fisher a message stating that 12 of those people had paid money. The total paid was £2,260, which is the sum raised by Mrs Monks and presumably this would have eventually been given to Mr Fisher.

The phone also contains messages from Mrs. Monks to Fisher in which she accused him of “smoking too much weed” and being a drug dealer. There is at least one drug request to this phone to which Ms. Monks responds by giving the text an alternate number and saying “do not call or text this number again” suggesting that at least in I didn’t want to get involved at the time. herself directly into the drug supply.’

Mr Lees added: ‘Officers also seized two phones seized from Fisher, one showing that she was selling cannabis. There were requests for large amounts of drugs, one in particular for £940 and there is also a list of debtors on his phone which suggests he was owed four-figure sums by several debtors.

“The full list of debtors on his phone was £8,400, which suggests that she was dealing substantial amounts of drugs at the time.

‘However, he did not show any evidence that she sold cocaine. The only references police could find to the cocaine showed that she intended to purchase quantities for her own use.

In the police interview, construction worker Fisher did not respond to questions.

Monks gave a prepared statement in which she agreed to meet Fisher and Gallagher, but she declined to comment further.  @

Olivia Monks Quick and Facts

  • Olivia Monks, 23, fielded dirty money owed to 22-year old Mitchum Fisher
  • Fisher sent her a ‘debtors list’ of 23 names to chase for payment totalling £8,400
  • The couple were arrested after police stopped her Audi A1 near Bolton in 2020
  • Monks, of Farnworth, faced jail after she admitted acquiring criminal property 
  • But she was sentenced instead to a two-year community order by Judge Martin Walsh, who said her involvement was ‘ a result of influence’ from Fisher
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