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Paige Rice 22 : Beautiful organizer Paige Rice, 22, died in a horrific Audi S3 crash

Paige Rice

Paige Rice Wiki

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Who is Paige Rice?

Paige Rice’s daughter, who died in a car accident just a few weeks ago, spoke of her death.
Paige Rice died Sunday morning after her car was hit by a taxi in the Queensway tunnel in Liverpool. Paige’s friend drove the Audi S3 crash at 12:25 p.m. M. They were both hospitalized with multiple injuries, but Paige later died.

Paige Rice age

Paige Rice was 22 years old.

Is she were in Critical situation?

Her boyfriend is fighting for her life in the hospital and the 40-year-old taxi driver is in critical condition. Paige’s mother, Claire Rice, honored her daughter from Marston Green, West Midlands, who had a heart of gold. Ms. Rice told Birmingham Live: “She was a beautiful woman woman inside and out. Your smile will light up the room. Paige started working as a makeup artist when she was 15 years old, and after her death she also worked as a car salesman and hairdresser.

“She was incredibly famous and she had a lot of friends,” her mother said in tribute to her daughter . Dance fan Paige went to Valentine’s drama school at a young age before starring her own beautician business when she was 15 years old. Rice added: “She loved social media and she had a lot of followers on Instagram. “Paige was visiting her boyfriend in Liverpool when he died.

“I am still in shock and the only thing that prevents me from receiving support is the incredible love that people leave on social media.

Fatal accident

She was a beautiful woman inside and out. Your smile will light up the room of Paige’s mother, Claire Rice. “She shows how much they loved her.” Ms. Rice also said that she and Paige “recently talked about death and told me that if she died, I would remember that she was living a full life. And she did. ” She said that Paige was very close to him and her brother Tyler, who came from the same family, “like three musketeers.” Paige supported her mother, who has a chronic illness, and “was my help,” she said.

Ms. Rice said, “I have a chronic illness and Paige encouraged me to stay positive and healthy. “I had big dreams, I wanted to see the world and live a full life.

Paige used her time to have fun, between hard work and taking care of me. Merseyside Police are investigating a fatal accident.

Matrix Inspector Mark Worrell said: “This incident is still under investigation and i would like to ask anyone who has seen anything prior to the impact that may help our investigation.

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