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Rebekah Vardys : ‘Wagatha Christie’ texts REVEALED 1 WAG branded Coleen Rooney a ‘c**t’ , Wiki, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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‘nasty bitch’ and said she would ‘love to leak stories’ in WhatsApp chats with loyal aide shown to judge in £1m High Court showdown

Rebekah Vardy brutally described fellow WAG Coleen Rooney as a ‘c***’ and a ‘nasty bitch’ as she revealed she wanted to leak stories about her in a series of heated WhatsApp exchanges with her agent, the High Court heard today.

Claims about the extraordinary messages brought forward in the latest round of the costly legal battle between the two women after Ms Rooney accused Ms Vardy of leaking the stories to The Sun following an online “sting operation” social events he undertook to find the culprit, earning him the nickname ‘Wagatha Christie’.

Lawyers for Ms Rooney, 35, appeared at the High Court requesting a judge order full disclosure of all communication between Ms Vardy, 39, and her agent Caroline Watt, who they argued worked together to leak the stories.

In one message between the two, it was claimed, Ms Vardy declared ‘It’s war’ after Ms Rooney publicly named her as the source of the leak’s in October 2019.

During another exchange after Ms Rooney had been involved in a car crash and posted about it on Instagram, it is claimed Ms Vardy wrote in a WhatsApp message to Ms Watt: ‘She’s a nasty bitch x’ and added: ‘Would love to leak those stories.’

Ms Watt replied: ‘I would have tried to have done a story on Coleen but the evidence has been deleted x,’ with Ms Vardy then passing on details about the post of her.

The court heard that the two women later discussed leaking the story to The Sun and Ms Watt wrote to Ms Vardy a few days later that a newspaper reporter is “trying to do a story about Coleen crashing her car, but your PR won’t.” even reply. I told him I’m 100% sure it happened, but I don’t know how.’

Coleen Rooney (pictured leaving a pilates class yesterday morning) has asked the court to order that Mrs Vardy and her long-serving aide Caroline Watt disclose details of their private communications

“She definitely did,” Mrs. Vardy replied.

An article then appeared on January 25, 2019 about Ms. Rooney’s involvement in a car accident, leading her to Twitter, where she complained that “someone on my private Instagram…is telling or selling stories to certain newspaper.’

She added: “It’s sad to think that someone I’ve accepted to follow me is betraying me for money or to maintain a relationship with the press. ”

In a subsequent WhatsApp exchange, the court heard that Ms Vardy messaged Ms Watt and said, “You’ve seen Coleen’s Twitter.”

Mrs Watt replied: ‘What a victim. Poor Coleen… And he wasn’t someone she trusted. It was me.’

A few days later, the two women discussed via WhatsApp an image posted by Ms Rooney in her car that appeared to show one of her children without a seat belt.

Ms Watt warned him that because she was on Ms Rooney’s private Instagram, “we can’t do anything with it.” She added: ‘She has removed it now too.’

Mrs. Vardy fumed: “She’s a bitch.”

Another exchange, the court heard, showed Ms Vardy complaining that Ms Rooney “thinks it’s me who’s been making stories about her”.

‘I know x,’ replied Mrs. Watt.

‘That c*** needs to get over herself! X’, Ms Vardy wrote, before adding: ‘Someone on her Instagram regularly sells stories about her through x’.

Ms Watt said: “Because she is private, she can remove him as a follower and prevent him from seeing her page x hers.” page x hers.”‘What a joke! However, all I have ever been has always been nice to her! Even when Wayne was being a c***x’, Mrs. Vardy said.

David Sherbourne QC, representing Ms Rooney, read transcripts of other messages that Ms Vardy is said to be abusing her.

In one, which the court heard she sent to Ms Watt after she found out Ms Rooney had unfollowed her, Ms Vardy wrote: “OMG…just saw wow.. .what nonsense…I’m leaving.” to send you a message.

After Ms. Watt advised her not to contact Ms. Rooney right away, Ms. Vardy responded, “That c*** needs to get over it.” That is falling material.

It is claimed that the two women then discussed the ramifications of what would happen if Mrs. Rooney definitively finds out that she was involved in leaking stories about her and that the story about the car accident came from Mrs. Watt.

Mrs Watt replied: ‘I don’t think anyone would. The [journalist] would never do it and would not tell anyone but The Sun and you would think she would send him a message if someone said that her agent had done it for sure. ”

A message exchange between the two women from October 2019, following Ms Rooney’s post claiming that Ms Vardy was responsible for leaking stories about her, shows them discussing how they can explain the leaks.

Ms. Watt tells Ms. Vardy that if she “tries to say it was me”, she would claim that she “had left the company” and that she could blame an employee with access to her old laptop. . Sherbourne described this in court as the “false user claim”.

Mrs. Vardy responds in a message: ‘Ok! I just don’t know how she could know that unless [The Sun journalist] leaked it.”

Other WhatsApp messages between Ms. Vardy and Ms. Watt show them discussing a post by Ms. Rooney in April 2019, in which she hinted that she was traveling to Mexico for the gender selection.

It later emerged that this was a deliberately false post as part of her attempts to find out who was behind the leaks.

Ms. Rooney’s attorneys also request that Ms. Watt be added as an additional party to her claim that Ms. Vardy misused her private information.

In a court document, Ms Rooney’s lawyers insisted that only excerpts of the communication between Ms Vardy and Ms Watt were provided, many of them heavily redacted and say there was a deliberate attempt not to give everything.

Quick Facts

  • Court heard of extraordinary message in latest round in the costly legal battle between the two women  
  • Lawyers for Ms Rooney are asking the High Court to order Ms Vardy to disclose all texts with her agent 
  • A full trial is scheduled for May and is expected to cost both women a combined £1 million in legal fees  @

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