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Rene Ayarde: 28 Health aide charged with beating 80-year-old Staten Island patient to death. Words were scrawled on victim’s chest.

Rene Ayarde

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Who is Rene Ayarde ?

Rene Ayarde was charged with murdering Staten Island man Robert Raynor.
A woman was charged Monday with the murder of an 80-year-old Staten Island man who was found in the hallway of her apartment building with the phrase “I play girls” written on his chest, police said.

Rene Ayarde, 28, who at one time lived in the same Tompkinsville building as the victim, Robert Raynor, was arrested in New Jersey on Nov. 12, cops said.

Police at the scene of the Tompkinsville, Staten Island building where Raynor was found dead.

Rene Ayarde


Ayarde was extradited to the Big Apple on Monday and charged with murder, manslaughter and battery for the murder of Raynor on July 19.

When they found him, Raynor was wearing only a pair of pants, which fell below the waist, his neighbor Isaac Williams had told The Post.

On Raynor’s chest, in what appeared to be a black marker, were written the words: “I play little girls,” according to Williams and authorities.

Raynor was found with the words “I play girls” written on his chest.

Two other phrases scrawled on his body were also found, according to police sources: “I carry dolls in my room for girls from 1 to 5 years old” on his stomach, and “I touch” on his right foot.

Police have not identified the motive for the murder. Sources said Ayarde has been silent since his arrest.

Her daughter told police: “I was outside and Mom threw me on the floor.”

All of this happened just as the police began to examine the evidence of Raynor’s murder. Police have said that Raynor has no history of s-x crimes and that he was not a registered s-x offender. His daughter has also defended him, telling the NY Daily News that she could never abuse children.

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