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Robert Van Den Bergh : Newlywed, 37, accused of groping dozing student on flight home from his Hawaii honeymoon tells court he did not ‘intentionally touch her, Age, Wiki, Bio, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Robert Van Den Bergh

Robert Van Den Bergh Wiki

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Who is Robert Van Den Bergh ?

City merchant Robert Van Den Bergh, 37, allegedly slipped his hand under a blanket to deliberately caress the female passenger’s thigh as he sat next to her in economy class on the United Airlines flight.

He admitted that her wife told him he touches her in her sleep, but added: “I don’t remember.”

The economics student had taken two sleeping pills and reportedly Van Den Bergh of Hackney joked that her pills could render her unconscious.

She awoke when Van Den Bergh touched the middle of her thigh as the movement became “stronger and more deliberate,” jurors heard.

The father of one told the court that he “at no time did he intentionally touch the plaintiff during the flight.” He admitted that his wife told him he touches her in her sleep, but added: “I don’t remember.”

The woman told Isleworth Crown Court that the groping lasted up to two hours on the flight.

The student asked the United Airlines cabin crew

The student asked United Airlines cabin crew for help and was offered a middle row seat in economy class because she refused to pay the £220 upgrade fee to change to another class, Isleworth Crown Court was told yesterday. . .

Van Den Bergh has pleaded not guilty to one count of sexual assault on United Airlines’ Heathrow-bound flight between December 31, 2019 and January 1, 2020.

Van Den Bergh was returning to Heathrow after a two-week honeymoon on the island of Maui.

The woman, whose name cannot be identified due to legal rights of anonymity, reported it to airline staff and when the plane landed in London, Van Den Bergh was escorted by police officers.

His attorney wife took a different flight home after their two-week honeymoon in late 2019 because the route he had booked had increased in price, so she found another ticket.

They were due to land at Heathrow an hour apart.

Van Den Bergh, who works as an energy and coal analyst according to his LinkedIn profile, told the jury that the economy class was “very tight.”

“He’s too close to people, I’d say,” he said.

Van Den Bergh said two armed officers boarded the plane and escorted him in front of all the other passengers and held him on the airbridge as they disembarked alongside him.

The seated passenger at Van Den Bergh’s
The passenger seated to Van Den Bergh’s left, retired pastor Margaret Yun, was asked if she might have observed any groping.

I think she would have. Little moves that he wouldn’t have. If there had been a sudden movement that caught my eye, she would have seen it.

She told the court that the young woman trusted her and said: ‘Did you see what he did? He groped me. I’m going to tell someone and get another seat.

Van Den Bergh was questioned by Heathrow police, who charged him with groping. “That’s shocking,” he told them. ‘I can say one hundred percent sure that when he was awake I didn’t do that.’

He told police the accusation and arrest of him was “pretty shocking,” adding, “I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

van den bergh’s wife

Van Den Bergh’s wife is expected to testify on his behalf and the jury will hear fifteen defense references.

The analyst moved to London in 2017 after working in Geneva and Brussels for the same company.

Van Den Bergh denies sexual assault on the flight from Los Angeles to Heathrow, between December 31, 2019 and January 1, 2020.

When questioned by police, he insisted that he only slept and watched movies during the flight.

He attended court accompanied by his wife.  @

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