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Ryan Remington: Arizona officer fired after fatally shooting man in wheelchair

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A US police officer has been fired after shooting a man in motorized wheelchair while responding to a reported shoplifting.

Tucson Police Officer Ryan Remington fired nine shots at Richard Lee Richards, 61, in the incident.

The Arizona city police chief said Tuesday he was “deeply troubled and troubled” by the officer’s actions in the incident.

Mr Remington’s lawyer defended his client’s actions.

On Tuesday, Tucson Police released footage of Monday’s incident, which began after Mr. Richards was charged with stealing a toolbox from a local Walmart.

A screengrab from bodycam footage of the incident

A Walmart employee who confronted him and Mr Remington reported that Mr Richards brandished a knife during the incident, refused to comply with orders to hand over the gun and attempted to walk away.

According to the Walmart employee

According to the Walmart employee, Mr. Richards said that “if you want me to put the knife down, you’re going to have to shoot me.”

The footage – from CCTV cameras and police body cameras, including one on Mr Remington – shows Mr Remington and another officer following Mr Richards to the entrance of another nearby store, with an officer him ordering “not to enter the store”.

Mr. Remington

Mr. Remington then fired nine shots at Mr. Richards, who collapsed forward and fell from his wheelchair. He was then handcuffed. He was later pronounced dead.

“His [Mr. Remington] use of force in this incident is a flagrant violation of departmental policy and directly contradicts multiple aspects of our use of force and training,” the police chief said on Tuesday. Tucson, Chris Magnus.

“As a result, the department decided earlier today to fire Agent Remington,” he added.

“This event happened about 24 hours ago,” he said Tuesday evening, “and we have a police chief who fired the officer and the mayor who is asking for his indictment. These are circumstances. incredible that I have never seen.

Mr Storie said Mr Remington, a four-year Tucson Police member, “tried to defuse the situation” until Mr Richards’ actions gave him “no choice but to use lethal force ”.

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