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Social Media Marketing Guide for Restaurants + Examples of Restaurant Social Media Marketing

Does your page have an easy and simple title to search for? Is your meta tag descriptive enough and have keywords relative to your business? These questions are just a few you need to ask to make sure your business is at the top of the ranks. When they have questions, message you about promotions, want a reservation, or just ask you how you’re doing, RESPOND!

Small businesses can build up a brand voice through the actions of their best customers. Depending on your budget, you’ll want to test a few of the restaurant marketing strategies we mention here and repeat them if they’re effective. Not all restaurant marketing ideas will be a slam dunk, but you’ll need to take some leaps to find out what does and doesn’t work for your concept, target market, and location.

You can organize a contest or a giveaway exclusive to Instagram to get more traffic and followers to your page. Another inspiring example of how to use food hashtags on Instagram comes from The Meatball Shop. They use #NationalMeatballDay to celebrate their restaurant’s cuisine. Following Instagram best practices for restaurants should help you keep your customers engaged.

Stories are still posted chronologically, while the feed posts are shown based on an algorithm. Stories can contain any of the types of content we mentioned earlier, and they can also direct viewers to see your most recent post. Read more about buy real instagram likes here. Working with reputable influencers who match your brand and mission, can be a great Instagram promotion technique. They share your brand with their followers, and they can create social proof by using and sharing about your product. Influencers often have a very loyal, devoted following, and their followers typically trust their recommendations.

One of the biggest benefits is that having a social media presence makes it easier for people to talk about your business. People are turning to social media for the hottest tips on where they should eat. Make sure that your business shows up when they get hungry and need a good meal.

While you can certainly hire professional actors, you could also just bring in coachable friends of the establishment — or your own. Very often, these people will be happy to model eating and drinking if it’s free. From there, as the establishment opens and customers begin to slowly trickle in, I’d recommend moving to recording patrons enjoying the food, drinks, and establishment for a few hours. But in diversifying your Instagram posts, you can maintain a well-rounded profile, which users will respond to more enthusiastically. Behind-the-scenes videos can encourage repeat purchases and support from loyal customers. Has three different slides that showcase different gift packs for Mother’s Day.

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